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72 Those Who Engage in Very Subtle Acts of Party-Crashing 96 Al-Husayn ibn Muhammad ibn al-Hasan alMu ’addib told us, Isma’il ibn Ahmad al-Kashani told us, Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Firabri told us, Isma‘il ibn al-Bukhari told us, Abu al-Rahman ibn Shayba told us, Ibn Abu Fudayk told me, on the authority of Ibn Abu Dhi’b, on the authority of al-Maqburi, on the authority of Abu Hurayra, who said: I was staying close to the Prophet of God in order to fill my belly at a time when I did not eat leavened bread, I did not wear silk, I had neither servant nor maid, I tightened my belt with stones, and I asked men to teach me verses of the Qur’an that I already knew so that they would invite me in and feed me. Those Who Engage in Very Subtle Party-Crashing 73 97 Al-Hasan ibn Abu Bakr told me, Abu al-Fadl ‘Isa ibn Musa ibn Abu Muhammad ibn al-Mutawakkil ‘Ali Allah told me, Ibn Khalaf ibn al-Marzuban told me, Ahmad ibn Mansur related to us, ‘Abd Allah ibn Sa‘id ibn al-Husayn al-Kindi told us, Isma‘il ibn Ibrahim al-Tamimi told us, Ibrahim ibn Ishaq al-Makhzumi told us, on the authority of al-Maqburi: Abu Hurayra said, “I used to ask the companions of the Prophet about verses of the Qur’an that I already knew, just so they would feed me something. Kitten The Art of Party-Crashing 74 “Whenever I asked Ja‘far ibn Abu Talib about a verse, he would never answer me until he had taken me back to his home and had said to his wife, ‘Hey, Asma’! Get us something to eat!’ After she had fed us, he would answer me. Ja‘far loved his neighbors, and was always sitting with them and sharing hadith with them.”1 98 Abu Nu‘aym al-Hafiz told us, Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Hamza told us, Abu Ya‘la (who is al-Mawsili) told us, ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Umar told us, Muhammad ibn Fudayl told us, on the authority of his father, on the authority of Abu Hazim: Abu Hurayra said, “I was in extremely dire straits. I met ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, and asked him to recite a verse for me from the Book of 1. Abu Hurayra (introduced in the previous anecdote) was a companion of the prophet Muhammad and a transmitter of his sayings and deeds. He was a poor man and fond of jokes. When herding goats, his kitten would keep him company, hence the name Abu Hurayra, which means, loosely, “guy with a kitten.” Ja‘far was a cousin of the Prophet. Those Who Engage in Very Subtle Party-Crashing 75 God. He went into his house and taught it to me. I walked a short distance away, and then fell on my face from hunger. Suddenly, the Prophet of God was standing by my head. “‘Oh, Abu Hurayra!’ he said. “‘I am at your service, Prophet of God,’ I replied. “He took me by the hand and raised me up. He saw what was wrong with me. He took me to his camel bag and gave me a bowl of milk, from which I drank. “‘Again, Abu Hurayra,’ he said. “I drank again, and continued drinking until I had filled my belly as full as a goblet. Later I saw ‘Umar, and explained to him what had happened. “‘My trouble was resolved by one better suited than you to resolve it,’ I said, ‘and what’s more, I asked you to recite a verse for me that I knew better than you did!’ “‘I wish I had taken you in,’ said ‘Umar, ‘more than I wish for a beautiful red camel.’” 99 Abu al-Husayn Muhammad ibn al-Husayn ibn Ahmad al-Ahwazi told us, and he said, I heard alHasan ibn ‘Abd Allah al-Lughawi say, I heard Abu Bakr ibn Durayd say, I heard Abu Hatim say: The Art of Party-Crashing 76 Someone went out to visit a sick man on the edge of Kufa, and Abu Hanifa2 and Abu Bakr alHudhali3 met him, and he said, “We’re visiting So-and-So.” So they followed him to the sick man, visiting him, and Abu Hanifa said to Abu Bakr, “If we sit, he’ll bring some lunch.” So when they went in, they...


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