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CONTENTS Introduction 1 mary arshagouni papazian 1 Polemist or Pastor?: Donne and Moderate Calvinist Conformity 12 daniel w. doerksen 2 “Speaking Openly and Speaking First”: John Donne, the Synod of Dort, and the Early Stuart Church 35 jeanne shami 3 The Augustinian Donne: How a “Second S. Augustine”? 66 mary arshagouni papazian 4 John Donne and Paolo Sarpi: Rendering the Council of Trent 90 jeffrey johnson 5 Donne’s Protestant Paradiso: The Johannine Vision of the Second Anniversary 113 raymond-jean frontain 6 “Souldiers of one Army”: John Donne and the Army of the States General as an International Protestant Crossroads, 1595–1625 143 paul r. sellin 7 Unmeete Contraryes: The Reformed Subject and the Triangulation of Religious Desire in Donne’s Anniversaries and Holy Sonnets 193 catherine gimelli martin vii 8 From “Tav” to the Cross: John Donne’s Protestant Exegesis and Polemics 221 chanita goodblatt 9 Pathopoeia and the Protestant Form of Donne’s Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions 247 brent nelson 10 Breaking Down the Walls That Divide: Anti-Polemicism in the Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions 273 elena levy-navarro 11 Reforming Baptism: John Donne and Continental Irenicism 293 annette deschner 12 True Purification: Donne’s Art of Rhetoric in Two Candlemas Sermons 314 maria salenius 13 “Not upon a Lecture, but upon a Sermon”: Devotional Dynamics of the Donnean Fisher of Men 335 gale h. carrithers, jr., and james d. hardy, jr. Contributors 361 Index 365 viii · Contents ...


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