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From: The 7 Sexes

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L i s t o f F i g u r e s Figure 2.1 Twinning and Extra-Embryonic Membranes  10 Figure 3.1 Galen’s Inside-Outside Model of Human Sex  17 Figure 4.1 The Transition from Medieval to Modern Representation of the Body A. Hieronymous Brunschwig  23 B. Albrecht Dürer  24 Figure 6.1 Ascaris versus Human Egg Formation  38 Figure 8.1 Structure of the Cholesterol Molecule  52 Figure 8.2 Reciprocal Pathways for Internal Genital Sex  56 Figure 10.1 The Discovery of Sex Chromosomes  66 Figure 10.2 Morgan’s Discovery of X-linked Inheritance A. White male × red female  68 B. Red male × white female  69 Figure 12.1 Bacterial Replication from Fission to Sexual Reproduction A. Fission model  82 B. Bacterial mating  83 xii list of figures Figure 13.1 Human Chimera Formation  88 Figure 13.2 Gynandromorph Formation in Fruit Flies  91 Figure 14.1 Dosage Compensation versus Bicolorism  97 Figure 14.2 Sex-lethal (Sxl) Gene Regulation of Dosage Compensation in the Fruit Fly  99 Figure 14.3 Sex Chromatin Formation and Human Karyotypes  101 Figure 16.1 Alfred Jost Discovers a Second Male Hormone  119 Figure 17.1 The Human Y Chromosome  123 Figure 17.2 The Human X Chromosome  124 Figure 20.1 Isogamous and Anisogamous Mating in Single-Celled Organisms 148 Figure 20.2 Muller’s Ratchet in Asexual and Sexual Populations  152 ...