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L i s t o f Ta b l e s Table 8.1 The Major Steroid Hormones in Humans 53 Table 9.1 Habrobracon (Wasp) Haplo-diploid Genetics of Sex Determination 60 Table 11.1 Bridges’s Balance Theory of Fruit-Fly Sex Determination 73 Table 11.2 Sex-Determining Genes in the Fruit Fly 74 Table 15.1 X and Y Human Karyotypes Involving Normal and Defective Sex Chromosomes 107 Table 15.2 Sex Chromatin and Sex Chromosomes in Human Cells 108 Table 16.1 The Seven Sexual Components of Humans 114 Table 17.1 Some Major Genetic Disorders Associated with Sex Determination 127 Table 18.1 Status of Same-Sex Orientation through History 135 Table 22.1 Biological Diversity and Sexuality 160 Table 22.2 Classification of Conditions and Disorders of Sex Determination and Differentiation 164 This page intentionally left blank ...


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