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HOMILIES 427 to what Abraham said: 'Between us and you is a gulf.'13 Listen to what Ezechiel said about that day: 'Not Noe and Job and Daniel shall deliver their sons.'14 However, may we not hear these words, but, having taken provisions from here sufficient for eternal life, may we confidently behold our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory, power, honor, be to Him and to the Father, together with the Holy Spirit, now and always and forever and ever. Amen. Homily 85 (John 19.16-20.9) 'Then Pilate handed him over to them to be crucified. And so they took Jesus and led him away. And bearing the cross for himself, he went forth to the place called the Skull, in Hebrew, Golgotha, where they crucified him.'! Prosperity has a way of bringing about the downfall and complete dissolution of the unwary. Thus, the Jews, who from the beginning enjoyed the favor of God, repeatedly turned to the law of the kingdom of the Gentiles and when they were in the desert, after receiving manna, they kept recalling onions 12 In the same way, in this instance, also, they spurned the kingdom of Christ and called on that of Ca::sar for support . Therefore, God in consequence set him up as king over them in accordance with their declaration. Accordingly, when Pilate had heard these words,3 he handed Christ over to them to be crucified-and was acting very illogically in this. For, though he ought to have investigated whether Christ had really tried to overthrow the 13 Matt. 25.9; Luke 16.26. 14 Cf. Ezech. 14.14,16. I John 19.16·18. 2 Cf. Num. 11.6. 3 'We have no king but Caesar.' 428 SAINT JOHN CHRYSOSTOM government, motivated by fear alone he tacitly consented to the charge, even though Christ, in anticipation of this, and to protect him from this blunder, had declared: 'My kingdom is not of this world.'4 However, surrendering himself completely to the interests of this life, Pilate had no desire to do right to the point of heroism, though his wife's dream must have terrified him greatly. On the contrary, nothing influenced him for the better, nor was he moved at all by unworldly considerations, but handed Christ over to them. Moreover, they placed the cross on His shoulders as if on one henceforth accursed. And they did so for they regarded the wood as an evil portent and could not bear even to touch it. Now, this was the case also in the Type [of the immolation of Christ], for Isaac carried the wood for the sacrifice. At that time, however, the sacrifice took place only in so far as being willed by the father (for it was a type merely), while now it was taking place in actuality, for it was the fulfillment of the type. 'And he came to the place called the Skull.' Some say that there Adam had died and lay buried, and that Jesus set up His trophy over death in the place where death had begun its rule. For He went forth bearing His cross as a trophy in opposition to the tyranny of death, and, as is customary with conquerors, He also carried on His shoulders the symbol of His victory. What matter that the Jews were here acting with an altogether different end in view! And so they crucified Him, and with Him thieves, unwittingly fulfilling prophecy in this detail, also. Indeed, the very things which they did to revile Him were the ones that contributed to reveal the truth, in order that you might learn its power. I say this for the Prophet had foretold this circum4 John 18.36. HOMILIES 429 stance, also, from ancient times in the words: 'He was reputed with the wicked.'" The Evil Spirit, of course, certainly wished to confuse the issue, but he did not succeed. There were indeed three crucified, but Jesus alone was glorified, that you might learn that it was His power that was in control of everything. Even though it was when the three were fastened to the cross that miracles took place, no one attributed anything of what took place to anyone of the others, but to Jesus only. Thus, the Rtrategy of the Devil was foiled and all recoiled upon his own head. I say this for one of the other two was saved. Not only, then, did He not diminish His glory by...


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