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234 SAINT JOHN CHRYSOSTOM there is a 'woe' pronounced, at once every punishment and retribution follow) ; but 'Blessed is he by whom His name is glorified.' Let us not, then, be in darkness, but let us avoid all sins, especially those which also bring harm to the general welfare, for by these in particular is God blasphemed. Indeed, what pardon shall we have when we who are exhorted to giv~ to others plunder the goods of others? What hope of salvation shall we have? If you do not feed the hungry you will be punished, but, if you also strip him who is already clothed, what pardon will you obtain? We shall not cease saying these things repeatedly. For perhaps those who do not listen today will listen tomorrow; and those who do not pay attention tomorrow will be persuaded to do so the day after that. However, if some should even continue to be obdurate, at least we shall be judged guiltless. For we have fulfilled our duty. But I hope that we may not have to be ashamed because of our words to you, and that you may not have to hide your faces. May we all be able to stand confidently before the tribunal of Christ, so that we ourselves may be able to be proud of you and to receive some palliation of our own misdeeds in your being found worthy of approbation, in our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be to Him and to the Father, together with the Holy Spirit, forever. Amen. Homily 68 (John 12.34-41) 'The crowd answered him, "We have heard from the Law that the Christ abides forever. And how canst thou say, 'The Son of Man must be lifted up'? Who is this Son of Man?" '1 Deceit is a thing that is readily detected and easily caught, even if it is camouflaged exteriorly by colors without number. 1 John 12.34,35. HOMILIES 235 And just as those who are repairing cracks in walls cannot make them sound by smearing on paint, so, too, liars are easily found out. Accordingly, the Jews had this experience here. For, when Christ had said to them: 'If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all to myself,' they replied: 'We have heard from the Law that the Christ abides forever. And how canst thou say, "The Son of Man must be lifted up"? Who is this Son of Man?' So, then, they knew that the Christ is an immortal Being and has life without end. Well, then, they also understood what He meant. I say this for the Resurrection is frequently mentioned by the Scriptures in the same passage as the Passion . For example, Isaias mentioned them together when he said: 'He was led as a sheep to the slaughter,' and all that follows.2 David in Psalm 2 and elsewhere frequently linked both these things. Further, when the Patriarch [Jacob] had said: 'He crouched and couched as a lion,' he added: 'and as a lion's whelp, who will disturb him?'3 He meant at the same time the Passion and the Resurrection. However, though these Jews in the present instance thought they were silencing Him, and proving by their reference to the Law that He was not the Christ, actually they were acknowledging that the Christ abides forever. Yet see how ill-disposed they were. For they did not say: 'We have heard that the Christ will not suffer,' or 'will not be crucified,' but 'that he abides forever.' However, not even this statement was contradictory, for the Passion was not an· obstacle to the Resurrection. From this incident it is possible to see that they did understand much that was likely to be in doubt and that they were deliberately persisting in error. Indeed, since in His previous preaching He had spoken of 2 Isa. 53.7. 3 Cf. Gen. 49.9. 236 SAINT JOHN CHRYSOSTOM His death, on hearing the words 'be lifted up' they suspected He was referring to this. Next they said: 'Who is this Son of Man?' and they said it maliciously. They meant: 'Do not think that we are talking about You, yet You say that we are contradicting out of hostility toward You. See, we do not know about whom You are speaking; nevertheless, we are declaring our opinion.' What, then, did Christ reply? To silence them and to prove that His Passion was no obstacle to His abiding...


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