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HOMILIES 43 necessary for yoU.'26 Now this is true, for physicians also repeatedly make use of the same remedy. Similarly, we shall not cease shouting the same cries, giving the same reminders, teaching the same lessons, making the same exhortations. And we shall do so for the importunity of the affairs of this life is great and makes us forgetful, so we need unceasing instruction. Therefore, in order that we may not gather in this place fruitlessly or in vain, let us show forth the fruits by our works in order that we may attain to the blessings of the life to come, by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Him and with Him glory be to the Father, together with the Holy Spirit, now and always and forever and ever. Amen. Homily 52 (John 7.45-8.19) 'The attendants therefore came to the chief priests and Pharisees; and these said to them, "Why have you not brought him?" The attendants answered, "Never has man spoken as this man." '1 Nothing is clearer than truth, nothing more simple to grasp, if we ourselves do not act perversely. Similarly, therefore, there is nothing that causes us more trouble than when we act perversely. For, see, the Pharisees and the Scribes who seemed, in truth, to be more learned, who were continually in Christ's company for the sake of plotting against Him, who even witnessed miracles and read Scripture, derived no benefit from all this, but even suffered harm thereby. The attendants, on the other hand, though they could lay claim to none of this, were captivated by a single sermon, and 26 Cf. Phil. 3.I. I John 7.45-47. 44 SAINT JOHN CHRYSOSTOM despite the fact that they had gone to seize Him, they returned overwhelmed with admiration. Not only may we admire their wisdom, because they did not need miracles but were won over by His teaching alone (for they did not say: 'Never has man worked miracles as this man,' but what? 'Never has man spoken as this man') -well, then I repeat, not only may we admire their wisdom, but also their courage, because they said this to the Pharisees, to those who were hostile to Him and who were doing everything in pursuance of their enmity. 'The attendants came,' the Evangelist declared, 'and the Pharisees said to them, "Why have you not brought him?" , Now, it was a much greater thing to come back than to have stayed away. For in the latter case they would have escaped the fault-finding of the Pharisees, while actually they became heralds proclaiming the wisdom of Christ, and so displayed their courage the more. Moreover, they did not say: 'We were unable to bring Him because of the crowd, since they listen to Him as to a prophet.' On the contrary, what did they say? 'Never has man spoken as this man.' Though they could have uttered that defense of themselves, they yet disclosed their own real opinion. Indeed, this was the opinion not of His admirers only, but even of these accusers, because they had sent them to seize Him, when they ought rather to have gone themselves to hear Him. Yet they did not hear a lengthy discourse, but, on the contrary, a short one. For, when the mind is open to conviction , there is no need of long speeches. Truth is like that. What, then, did the Pharisees do? Though they ought to have shown compunction, they did just the opposite and found fault with them, saying: 'Have you also been led astray?' Up to this point they had been coaxing them along by blandishments, and had not spoken harshly lest they might end by becoming estranged. Now, however, they showed their feelings, yet spoke with caution. For, though they ought HOMILIES 45 to have asked: 'What did He say?' and then ought to have shown admiration at His words, they did not do so, because they felt that they, also, might be won over. And so they argued with them from a very foolish premise. 'Why has no one of the rulers believed in him?' they asked. Do you blame this on Christ, then, rather than on those who have failed to believe? 'But this crowd, which does not know the Law, is accursed,' they declared. Actually, this is a greater indictment of you: that the crowd has believed, while you have not. The former are acting...


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