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Ayres L., 3n2, 37, 224 Balmelle, C., 50n98, 63n3 Bardy, G., 29n36 Barnes, T. D., 3n4, 9n25, 12, 37n67, 94n106 Barrow, R. H., 8n20 Beckwith, C. L., 2n1, 4n6, 10, 12n37, 35, 36, 45n86, 48n94, 136n1, 140, 141n18, 19, 20, 149n47, 156n67, 159n80, 160n87 Blockley, R. C., 99n125 Borchardt, C. F. A., 2, 33 Brennecke, H. C., 12, 37n 67, 94n106 Brisson, J. P., 23 Bruère, R. T., 7n16 Bruggisser, P., 8n19 Burns, P. C., 2n1, 14n45, 48, 45n86, 51n106, 64n4, 78n48, 83n76, 107n18, 147n43, 158n80, 161n 90, 176n5 Cameron, Alan, 8n22 Cameron , Averil, 98n121 Cameron, M., 36n62 Casamassa, A., 20n6 Chadwick, H., 5n9 Clark, E. A., 66n13 Clark, G., 106n13 Colish, M., 96n112 Coustant, P., 23n12, 29n36 Crouzel, H., 74 Daley, B. E., 34n54, 37n62, 176n6 Demeulenaere, R., 13n40, 22n11 Doignon, J., 10, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19n3, 20n6, 21n10, 22, 23, 24, 25n19, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35n55, 37, 40n73, 48n93, 51n103, 68n20, 69, 77nn47–48, 87, 93, 103n4, 104, 107, 107n18, 110n30, 121, 128n95, 129, 130, 131, 168n109, 210 Durst, M., 34n54, 35, 176nn6, 7, 198n72, 200n73, 209n96, 217n125 Duval, Y. D., 19n4, 55n114 Edwards, M., 7n15 Elder J. P., 7n16 Elm, S. 64n6 Feder, A., 23n14, 89n93 Fernández, S., 105n9 Fierro, A., 29n35, 33, 37n69, 44–45, 200n74 Freud, S., 95n111 Galtier, P., 37n69 Garritte, G., 4n7 Gastaldi N. J., 34, 78n50, 80n66 Goffinet, Ė., 33, 66, 71n24, 105n8 Green, R. P. H., 8n21, 12 Grillmeier, A., 157n74, 160n87 Hägg, T., 7n15 Hannah, D. D., 200n74 Hanson, R. P. C., 37, 160n87 Hardie, C., 3n5 Harl, M., 68n20, 69n22, 75n41, 76n42, 43 Heidl, G., 207n94 Heine, R. E. , 20n7 Hunter, D. G., 5 253 Index of Modern Scholars 254 ³ INdex of Modern Scholars Hoppenbrowers, H. W. F. M., 4n7 Jacobs, D., 150n50 Just, P., 12n38, 24n18, 89n93 Kannengiesser, C., 13, 22, 23n12, 33 Kaster, R. A., 9n24, 11n32, 12, 87nn86–87, 88n89 Kelly, J. N. D., 21n9 Klingshirn, W. E., 5n11, 31n43, 120n68 Ladaria, L. F., 43n32, 35, 78n51, 83n77, 84n80, 85n83, 106n15, 124n84, 164n97 Lapidge, M., 132n108, 204n83 Leinhard, J.T., 55n115, 65n9 Lieu, S. N. C., 98n121 Long, A. A., 96n112 Lowe, E. A., 51n104 MacCormack, S., 8n23, 12, 88n88 McCarthy, M. C., 36, 173n1, 195n65, 220n136 McDermott, J. M., 143n26 McKinnon, J., 25n21, 56nn118, 119, 75n39 Meijering, E. P., 2n1, 3n5 Maloney, R. P., 118n54 Markus, R. A., 11n32, 227n1 Milhau, M., 13, 15, 18, 22, 27n25, 37, 38n70, 44n80, 52n108, 68n20, 69, 76, 77, 87, 110n30, 180n14, 209n96, 210, 211, 217n125, 225 Matthews, J., 9n25, 12, 50n98 Minnerath, R., 217n126 Mynors, R. A. B., 88n92, 98n119 Nautin, P., 9, 43n78, 66–69, 71 Noonan, J. T., 118n54 O’Donnell, J. J., 101n2 Orazzo, A., 34n52, 53, 35, 138n9, 139n12, 153n61 Peebles, B. M., 7n16 Pelland, G., 174n2, 219n130 Pettorelli, J. P., 34, 37n69 Quasten, J., 56n118, 75n40 Rand, E. K., 7n16 Rapp, C., 31n43 Remus, H., 11n31, 101n2 Rocher, A., 14n49, 24n17 Rondeau, M. J., 29n36 Roukema, R., 74n37 Rousseau, P., 7n15, 31n43, 120n68 Salzman, M. R., 12 Savage, J. J., 7n16 Schellauf, F., 28n33 Schofield, M., 96n113, 107n13 Sedley, D. N., 96n112 Simonetti, M., 2n1, 37n63, 68, 75n40 Skidmore, C., 50n100 Smith, H. T., 7n16 Smulders, P., 2n1, 33, 84n80, 144n30, 31 Sogno, C., 8n24 Spanneut, M., 96n112 Stancliffe, C., 5 Steenson, J. N., 10n30, 64n4, 150n50, 151n54 Sterk, A., 31n43, 120n68 Stocker, A. F., 7n16 Studer, B., 37n68, 85n80 Swain, S., 7n15 Taft, R., 56n118 Todd, R. B., 132n108, 204n83 Travis, A. H., 7n16 Van Dam, R., 12, 55n116 Vessey, M., 31n42 Waldrop, G. B., 7n16 Weedman, M., 136n1, 140, 141n18, 142n22, 143n26, 144n30, 149n49, 151n55, 155n67, 159n80, 160n87, 221n138, 224n142 Wickham, L. R., 14n49, 89n93 Wild, P. T., 33, 36, 86, 173, 220n136 Wilken, R. L., 36n61 Williams, D., 12, 14n49, 24n18 Williams, F., 222n14 Zingerle, A., 16, 18, 21 A Model for the Christian Life: Hilary of Poitiers’ Commentary on the Psalms was designed in Fournier with Garda display type by Kachergis Book Design of Pittsboro, North Carolina. It was printed on 55-pound Natures Recycled and bound by Sheridan Books of Ann Arbor, Michigan. ...


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