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ix Acknowledgments For this work I am very indebted to the works of many scholars upon whom I have relied for textual, literary, cultural , historical, and theological perspectives. The most prominent have been Jean Doignon and Marc Milhau. I have also benefited from exchanges of correspondence with Marc Milhau. I have also been greatly aided by advice and assistance from a variety of colleagues. From Robert B. Todd I have received suggestions about current studies on Roman Stoicism; from Brian E. Daley I have received some leads about the use of Psalms in Late Antique Christianity; from Daniel H. Williams I received specific recommendations about current studies in this period. The late J. Kevin Coyle offered me extensive, detailed, practical suggestions about my text. Unfortunately he did not live to see the publication of this project to which he contributed so much. I regret that Kevin is no longer available to continue his knowledgeable and generous support of his colleagues. I am very grateful to my colleague and friend professor emerita Elizabeth A. Bongie for her painstaking review of my translations from Greek and Latin originals. I have received considerable advice from my friend and colleague Mark Vessey on Hilary’s interest in Latin rhetoric and current patterns in the scholarship on the fourth century. From the two assessors for the Catholic University of America Press I received detailed recommendations on organization, style, and scholarship for which I am very grateful. I presented earlier versions of three sections of this mono- x ³ Acknowledgments graph at colloquia or conferences and I am grateful for the recommendations I received on each occasion. I presented papers on the metaphor of “city” at a conference at the Augustinianum in 1999; on the threestage model of the Christian life in a colloquium in my department in 2005; and on Augustine’s use of the Tractatus at the International Patristics Conference at Oxford in 2007. I am very grateful to the members of the Congregation of St. Basil who first taught me the daily use of the Psalms as a Christian perspective for prayerful reflection upon one’s own life. I would like to thank members of the Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies at the University of British Columbia for their encouragement throughout this project. For financial support, I am grateful to the Office of the Dean of Arts at the same university and especially to some timely interventions by associate dean Evan Kreider. The shortcomings in this work, of course, remain my own. On a very personal level, I would like to thank my wife, Maureen, who consistently encourages me to identify challenges and to pursue them to their conclusion. ...


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