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Contents Acknowledgments ix List of Abbreviations xi Introduction 1 1. Hilary’s Commentary and the Psalms 17 Text, Genre, and Audience 19 Recent Scholarship on the Tractatus and Models of the Christian Life 31 Use of the Psalms in Fourth-Century Gaul 52 2. Hilary’s Principles of Exegesis 60 Use of Origen 65 Exegetical and Theological Perspectives 77 The Influence of Latin Public Culture 87 3. The First Transformation: Baptismum 101 “A City in Plague” 102 Confessio and Ethics 114 Confessio of the Godhead 127 4. The Christological Foundation for Transformation 136 Divinity of Christ: Continuities and Innovation 140 Forma Dei and Forma Servi: Consequences for His Humanity 149 Corpus Christi: The Extended Sense 164 viii ³ contents 5. The Last Transformation: Demutatio 173 Shifts in Perspective and “Heavenly City” 179 Transformation of the Resurrected Body 198 Innovative Approaches to the Resurrected Body 214 Conclusion 225 Bibliography 233 Index of Selected Scriptural Passages 245 Index of Classical and Patristic Authors 247 Index of Modern Scholars 253 ...


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  • Hilary, Saint, Bishop of Poitiers, d. 367? Tractatus super Psalmos.
  • Bible. -- Psalms -- Commentaries.
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