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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Phoebe Hsu introduced me to the traditions of China and accompanied me on my first visit to the gardens of Suzhou. Laurie Olin—teacher, colleague, and friend (in no particular order)—encouraged, cajoled, and celebrated my effort. Anne Hawley cultivates her garden and, in the process , cultivates those around her. My colleagues at Tsinghua University; Yang Rui, Hu Jie, Zhu Yufan, Zhang Jie, Zhang Li, Zhu Wenyi, and the students of the first classes of Tsinghua’s Department of Landscape Architecture taught me much about the gardens. He Rui always responded to my requests for help with a gracious “my pleasure.” My friends Tony Atkin, Will Hayes, and Stewart Mardeusz from the University of Pennsylvania invited me to accompany their studio and we endured bitter cold days in the gardens together. Ed Chang sent me far and wide to see these and other gardens. Jia Jun and Gu Kai added their knowledge to this project. A Guide to the Gardens of Kyoto by Marc Treib and Ron Herman served as a model for my book, and I thank them for leading me through those gardens with their book in my pocket. Jo Joslyn, Caroline Winschel, and Noreen O’Connor-Abel at Penn Press guided the book project with gentle insistence and great care. Last, Peter Jacobs and John Dixon Hunt offered sage advice and guidance as did unknown readers who clarified my drifting thoughts of confounding gardens. This book is dedicated to Mom, Dad, Johnny, and Kate. ...


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