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PLANTS IN THE GARDENS OF SUZHOU HERBACEOUS GROUNDCOVERS Liriope spicata / muscari, lilyturf Ophiopogon japonicus, mondo grass DECIDUOUS SHRUBS AND VINES Camellia sinensis, tea Chaenomeles spp., flowering quince Jasminum polyanthum, climbing jasmine Kerria japonica, kerria Lonicera maackii, amur honeysuckle Mahonia fortunei, Chinese mahonia Nandina domestica, nandina Peony suffruticosa, tree peony Rosa multiflora, rambling rose Wisteria sinensis, wisteria BROADLEAF EVERGREEN SHRUBS Rhododendron (subspecies tsutsusi and pentanthera), azalea Ilex crenata, Japanese littleleaf holly Osmanthus fragrans, fragrant tea olive Podocarpus macrophyllus, bigleaf podocarp 156 plants in the gardens of suzhou CONIFEROUS (OR NEEDLE) EVERGREEN SHRUBS Taxus chinensis, Chinese yew SMALL DECIDUOUS TREES Camellia japonica, camellia Cercis chinensis, Chinese redbud Lagerstroemia indica, crepe myrtle FRUITING TREES Diospyros kaki, Asian persimmon Eriobotrya japonica, loquat Malus spp., apple Malus spectabilis, crabapple Musa spp., banana Prunus armeniaca, apricot Prunus domestica, plum Prunus mume, apricot Prunus persica, peach Punica granatum, pomegranate Pyrus spp., pear LARGE (CANOPY) DECIDUOUS TREES Acer buergerianum, trident maple Acer palmatum, Japanese maple Cinnamomum camphora, camphor tree Celtis sinensis, hackberry Ginkgo biloba, ginkgo Koelreuteria paniculata, golden raintree Liquidambar formosana, sweetgum Magnolia denudata, yulan magnolia Magnolia grandiflora, southern magnolia (a North American species) Magnolia liliiflora, mulan magnolia Magnolia x soulangiana, saucer magnolia plants in the gardens of suzhou 157 Platanus x hispanica, planetree Robinia pseudoacacia, black locust Salix babylonica, weeping willow Styphnolobium japonicum, sophora, scholartree BROADLEAF EVERGREEN TREES Ulmus parvifolia, lacebark elm CONIFEROUS DECIDUOUS TREES Metasequoia glyptostroboides, dawn redwood Pseudolarix kaempferi, golden larch Taxodium ascendens, pond cypress Taxodium distichum, bald cypress CONIFEROUS EVERGREEN TREES Cedrus deodara, deodar cedar Chamaecyparis obtusa, hinoki falsecypress Cryptomeria fortunei, Chinese cedar Juniperus chinesis, Chinese juniper Pinus aspera, brocaded pine Pinus bungeana, lacebark pine Pinus densiflora, Japanese red pine Pinus parviflora, Japanese white pine Pinus pinaster, cluster pine Pinus taiwanensis, Taiwan pine Pinus thunbergii, Japanese black pine Platycladus orientalis, oriental arborvitae BAMBOO Arundo spp. Bambusa spp. Chimonobambuca spp. Indocalamus spp. Phyllostachys spp. 158 plants in the gardens of suzhou AQUATICS Cyperus papyrus, papyrus Nelumbo spp., lotus Nymphae spp., water lily Pontederia spp,. pickerel Figure 103. Magnolia denudata, called yulan in China, is often planted in the first courtyard of residences for its noble beauty and early spring fragrance. The second courtyard is commonly planted with a flowering fruit tree such as a pomegranate or pear that blooms later in the spring; the third courtyard with a deciduous tree, such as a maple, that exhibits vibrant fall foliage; and the fourth courtyard with an evergreen pine, symbolizing longevity. ...


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