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Contents List of Fig­ ures ix Introduction Warren DeBoer and Linea Sundstrom 1 Part I Creating Continuity through Structure, Iconography, and Sacred Stories 1. Structure of the Meso­ ameri­ can Universe, from Aztec to Olmec John E. Clark and Arlene Colman 15 2. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? The Roots of Plains Indian Views of the Cosmos Linea Sundstrom 60 3. Of Iron Steamship Anacondas and Black Cayman Canoes: Lowland Mythology as a Rosetta Stone for Formative Iconography Peter G. Roe and Amy Roe 84 Part II Encoding Tradition in Place and Object 4. The Staff God: Icon and Image in Andean Art Jeffrey Quilter 131 5. On Being and Becoming: Ruminations on the Genesis, Evolution, and Maintenance of the Cerro Jaboncillo Ceremonial Center, Ecuador Colin McEwan 142 6. Hopi Clan Traditions and the Pedigree of Ceremonial Objects Wesley Bernardini 172 viii Contents 7. Remembering Emergence and Migration in the Southwest Pueblos Kelley Hays-­­ Gilpin 185 Part III Balancing Stability and Change 8. Continuity and Discontinuity in Southwest­ ern Religions Stephen H. Lekson 201 9. The Importance of Being Specific: Theme and Trajectory in Mississippian Iconography James Brown and John Kelly 210 10. Landscapes of Memory and Presence in the Canadian Shield John Norder 235 Part IV Recognizing Deep-­­Time Traditions 11. Cave Rituals and Ritual Caves in the Eastern United States Cheryl Claassen 253 12. Reopening the Midéwiwin Warren DeBoer 264 13. Resolving Contradictions as a Methodology for Investigating Maya Calendar History and Its Cosmological Associations Robert L. Hall 288 Conclusion Alice Beck Kehoe 302 Contributors 311 Index 315 ...