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383 The italicised quotations throughout the book are taken from Farrell’s novels; at the time of writing the first three books remain out of print. For reference, the source of each is to be found under the relevant chapter heading in this section, listed by the biography page number, and for easy identification the first words of each quotation are also included. They are from the following editions: A Man from Elsewhere (1st edition), New Authors Ltd, Hutchinson 1963 The Lung (1st edition), Hutchinson 1965 A Girl in the Head (1st edition), Jonathan Cape 1967 Troubles, Phoenix/Orion paperback edition 1993 The Siege of Krishnapur, Phoenix/Orion paperback edition 1993 The Singapore Grip, Phoenix/Orion paperback edition 1992 The Hill Station, Phoenix/Orion paperback edition 1993 Acknowledgements Quotation page xiii The Major sat beside the open window: Troubles, p. 93. Prologue Contemporary newspapers, August/September 1979: Cork Examiner, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, International Herald Tribune, Irish Independent, Irish Press, The Irish Times, Observer, Reuters, Southern Star, The Sunday Times. Interviews: John Curtis, Malcolm Dean, Elsie Donald, Margaret Drabble, Josephine Farrell, Richard Farrell, Philip Haas, Francis King, Jack Kirwan, Garda Lupton, Jerry O’Mahony, David Simpson, Hilary Spurling, John Spurling, Carole Tucker. Letters: Edna O’Brien, Dr Colm Quigley, Calvin Trillon. Archives/private papers: Rockefeller Archives Center (Harkness); Jack Kirwan (notes); David Simpson (notes); English P.E.N. (commemorative JGF tape). Publications: The Bookseller (18.8.79); ‘Legacy of a Great Friendship’ by Margaret Notes and References Drabble in People, ed. Susan Hill (Chatto & Windus/Hogarth Press 1983). Contemporary letter: Hilary Spurling to Sonia Orwell 20.8.79. Quotation page xxiii The Major was floating: Troubles, p. 371. 1 At the Centre of a Vast Empire Interviews: Sheilah Baird, Beryl Dawson, Josephine Farrell, Robert Farrell, Richard Farrell, Revd Tom Farrell, Revd J.R.I. Wikeley. Archives/private papers: Farrell family; Liverpool Record Office. Quotation page 12 The train puffed steadily: The Hill Station, p. 18. 2 The Vanished Comfort and Security of Earlier Days Interviews: Sheilah Baird, Beryl Dawson, John Eadie, Josephine Farrell, Richard Farrell, Robert Farrell, Revd Tom Farrell, Revd J.R.I. Wikeley. Letters: R.R.V. Kaufmann, Jennifer Leech, R.E. Moore, Buckley Wickham. Contemporary newspapers: Southport Guardian 14.10.44. Archives/private papers: Farrell family; West Derby Church Parish Records; Terra Nova School. JGF interview: ‘Grip of Empire’ by Malcolm Dean (Guardian 13.9.78). JGF dialogue from correspondence: with Sarah Bond (31.1.71); with his parents (undated 44, 15.10.44, 29.10.44 and undated 45). Quotation page 16 a giant plant that flowered and withered: A Girl in the Head, p. 90. 16 What had happened: ibid., pp. 87–8. 20 In human affairs: The Singapore Grip, p. 306. 20 stared about them: The Siege of Krishnapur, p. 92. 21 full of freshness and hope: A Man from Elsewhere, p. 25. 22 nobody is superior: The Siege of Krishnapur, p. 139. 3 Run Very Fast, Very Fast Indeed Interviews: Brigid Allen, Pat Booth, Ralph Burrows, Roger Donald, Josephine Farrell, Richard Farrell, Robert Farrell, Revd Tom Farrell, Tom Gover, Norman Ilett, Geoffrey Lee, Prof. J.K.B. Nicholas, Nevill Phillips, Dr A. Tansey. Letters: Ralph Burrows, Glenys Ilett. Contemporary letters: G.M. Arthursen–John Spurling (27.8.79, 30.12.79 and 9.7.81); Revd C.E. Young to the Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford (1.12.53). Archives/private papers: JGF papers (Trinity College, Dublin); Farrell family; Brasenose College; Rossall School. 384 J.G. Farrell Publications: A Very Desolate Position by Peter Bennett, Rossall Archives 1977; The Rossallian (1951–3); ‘J.G. Farrell’ by Brigid Allen (London Magazine 1992); ‘Jim Farrell – A Memoir’ by John Spurling (The Times Saturday Review 11.4.81); ‘A Personal Memoir’ by Malcolm Dean (The Hill Station 1981). JGF dialogue from correspondence: with Carol Drisko (undated). Quotation page 27 An old man: Troubles, p. 100. 28 asphyxiating, ammoniac stench: ibid., p. 146. 28 If that had been all: The Lung, p. 67. 29 large and jovial figure: Troubles, p. 344. 30 His father was sitting: A Man from Elsewhere, pp. 41–2. 32 Moreover, he was surrounded: The Singapore Grip, p. 287. 32 Edward had grasped: Troubles, pp. 46–7. 33 eminently normal bachelors: The Lung, pp. 154–5. 34 the smoky savagery: ibid., p. 96. 34 that dreadful lurching: Troubles, p. 362. 35 ‘No thanks, quite alright’: The Rossallian, c. 1951, ‘Memoirs of a Fragile Three-quarter’ by J.G. Farrell. 36 ‘When my housemaster...


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