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Library of Congress Cataloging-­ in-­ Publication Data A companion to Michael Oakeshott / edited by Paul Franco and Leslie Marsh. p. cm. Summary: “A collection of critical essays by leading scholars on British political philosopher Michael Oakeshott. Essays cover all aspects of Oakeshott’s thought, from his theory of knowledge and philosophies of history, religion, art, and education to his reflections on morality, politics, and law”—Provided by publisher. Includes bibliographical references and index. isbn 978-0-271-05407-0 (cloth : alk. paper) 1. Oakeshott, Michael, 1901–1990. I. Franco, Paul, 1956– . II. Marsh, Leslie. b1649.o344c66 2012 192—dc23 2012014272 Copyright © 2012 The Pennsylvania State University All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America Published by The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, PA 16802-­ 1003 The Pennsylvania State University Press is a member of the Association of American University Presses. It is the policy of The Pennsylvania State University Press to use acid-­ free paper. Publications on uncoated stock satisfy the minimum requirements of American National Standard for Information Sciences—Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Material, ansi z39.48–1992. This book is printed on Nature’s Natural, which contains 50% post-consumer waste. Franco.indb 4 8/2/12 8:44 AM For Shannon—lm For Jill—pf Franco.indb 5 8/2/12 8:44 AM Franco.indb 6 8/2/12 8:44 AM ...


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