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Acknowledgments Whenever two people attempt to complete a history project such as this, they by necessity draw on the work of earlier investigators and incur a good many intellectual debts. The authors would like to acknowledge the assistance of these individuals. The contributions of several key people allowed us to conduct our research and write this book. In addition to publishing a seminal 2003 article on the subject of the postbiological universe and organizing the 2005 Critical Issues in the History of Spaceflight symposium at which we first presented our work, NASA Chief Historian Steven J. Dick made available the extensive resources of the NASA History Division. For their many contributions in helping us complete this project we wish especially to thank Dick (who edits the series at Johns Hopkins University Press in which this book appears); archivists Jane Odom, Colin Fries, and John Hargenrader, who helped track down information and correct inconsistencies; Stephen J. Garber and Glen Asner, who offered valuable advice; and Nadine Andreassen, who served as a contact point for the whole of NASA. We wish to thank the staff of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum: the director, Gen. John R. Dailey, and deputy director, Donald A. Lopez; Director of Collections and Research Ted A. Maxwell; and the staff of the Division of Space History, Paul E. Ceruzzi, Martin Collins, James David, David H. DeVorkin, Jennifer Levasseur, Cathy Lewis, Jo Ann Morgan, Valerie Neal, Allan A. Needell, Michael J. Neufeld, Toni Thomas, Margaret Weitekamp, Frank Winter, and Amanda Young. The museum’s archival and library staff also assisted in numerous ways. We wish to thank the staffs of the NASA Headquarters Library and the Center for Aerospace Information who provided assistance in locating materials; and archivists at various presidential libraries and the National Archives and Records Administration who aided with research efforts . At American University, William LeoGrande, Ivy Broder, and Neil Kerwin made available a full-year sabbatical that allowed one of us to concentrate on writing portions of the book, while the faculty and staff of the Department of Public Administration and Policy, including David Rosenbloom, Robert Boynton, Robert Durant, Kimberly Martin, Janet Nagler, Renee Howatt, and Alycia Ebbinghaus, absorbed work that would have otherwise diverted time from this task. We also thank the staff of the Johns Hopkins University Press. As always, Senior Acquisition Editor Robert J. Brugger was a decided help in bringing this book to fruition. So too was Martin Schneider, our copy editor, and Andre Barnett , our production editor. Our research assistants, Maeve Monvalvo, Natalia Moustafina, Nicholas Limparis, Suzanne Roosen, Katy Smith, and Jennifer Troxell , collected materials from many sources and helped us interpret them. In addition to these individuals, we wish to acknowledge the following scholars who provided intellectual inspiration and aided in a variety of ways: Buzz Aldrin, Joel Achenbach, William Sims Bainbridge, Richard Berendzen, Haym Benaroya, Gregory Benford, Rodney Brooks, Frances Brown, Richard H. Buenneke , Glenn E. Bugos, William E. Burrows, Andrew J. Butrica, W. Bernard Carlson , Robert A. Casanova, Erik M. Conway, Tom D. Crouch, Walt Cunningham, Richard DalBello, Leonard David, Anthony Duignan-Cabrera, Peter H. Diamandis , Clay Durr, Mohammad S. El-Genk, Robert W. Farquhar, Richard Faust, James Rodger Fleming, Jack Fox, Slava Gerovitch, Michael H. Gorn, Chris Hables Gray, G. Michael Green, Barton C. Hacker, Roger Handberg, James R. Hansen, Albert A. Harrison, Peter L. Hays, Noel W. Hinners, David A. Hounshell , Scott Hubbard, Dennis R. Jenkins, Dana J. Johnson, Stephen B. Johnson, Thomas D. Jones, Kathy Keltner, Yoji Kondo, Sylvia K. Kraemer, Martin P. Kress, John Krige, W. Henry Lambright, W. David Lewis, Byran Lilley, John M. Logsdon , Laura E. Lovett, Paul D. Lowman, Valerie J. Lyons, W. Patrick McCray, Neil M. Maher, Hans Mark, Greg Maryniak, Wendell Mendell, David A. Mindell, Nicholas de Monchaux, James Oberg, David Ost, Scott Pace, Sidney Perkowitz, Ian Pryke, Stephen J. Pyne, Alex Roland, Eligar Sadeh, John B. Sheldon, Asif A. Siddiqi, Marcia S. Smith, Robert W. Smith, Ted Swanson, Harley Thronson, Jannelle Warren-Findley, and Edward J. Weiler. None of these individuals will agree with everything we have written in this book. Such is the nature of scholarly discourse and a healthy marketplace of ideas. We hope that at least some of our thoughts will advance the discussion of robotic and human spaceflight and the future of these contesting points of view. x acknowledgments ...


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