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• v Acknowledgments vii 11. Science after the End of Science? An Introduction to the “Epochal Break Thesis” 1 alfred nordmann, hans radder, and gregor schiemann PART I 12. The Age of Technoscience 19 alfred nordmann 13. We Are Not Witnesses to a New Scientific Revolution 31 gregor schiemann 14. “Knowledge Is Power,” or How to Capture the Relationship between Science and Technoscience 43 martin carrier 15. Climbing the Hill: Seeing (and Not Seeing) Epochal Breaks from Multiple Vantage Points 54 cyrus c. m. mody 16. Breaking Up with the Epochal Break: The Case of Engineering Sciences 66 mieke boon and tarja knuuttila 17. Science and Its Recent History: From an Epochal Break to Novel, Nonlocal Patterns 80 hans radder CONTENTS vi • contents 18. Knowledge Making in Transition: On the Changing Contexts of Science and Technology 93 andrew jamison 19. Alliances between Styles: A New Model for the Interaction between Science and Technology 106 chunglin kwa PART II 10. Experimenting with the Concept of Experiment: Probing the Epochal Break 119 astrid schwarz and wolfgang krohn 11. Intensification, Not Transformation: Digital Media’s Effects on Scientific Practice 135 valerie hanson 12. Technologies of Viewing: Aspects of Imaging in Natural Sciences 147 angela krewani 13. Technoscience as Popular Culture: On Pleasure, Consumer Technologies, and the Economy of Attention 159 jutta weber 14. The Good Old Days: Medical Research Then and Now 177 james robert brown 15. Toward a New Culture of Prediction: Computational Modeling in the Era of Desktop Computing 189 ann johnson and johannes lenhard 16. Epilogue: The Sticking Points of the Epochal Break Thesis 201 hans radder Contributors 207 Index 213 ...


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