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A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S The Transdisciplinary Colloquium that provided the opportunity for the conversations that resulted in the articles gathered in this book was the eighth one that has been held at the Theological School of Drew University . We are most grateful to Catherine Keller, the main conspirator of these colloquia, for so graciously turning over the 2008 colloquium to us, thus providing the opportunity and space for Latina/o theologians and philosophers to come together. The seriousness with which she has always taken Latina/o scholarship is but one of the many indications of her unflinching commitment to the struggles for liberation. For her sisterly help and encouragement during this whole project, we are most grateful. As can well be imagined, no academic event that brings together scholars from all over the United States is possible without many helping hands and hearts. Matilde Moros, a PhD candidate at Drew University, was the administrative assistant to Professor Isasi-Dı́az for this event. Our deepest gratitude to her and to the other Drew PhD candidates who contributed their time and expertise to this project: Geoffrey Pollack, who designed the web page for the colloquium and whose art work graces the cover of the book; Sam Laurent, Christopher Haynes, and Lydia York, who facilitated details too numerous to mention; and the many other students and staff at Drew University who helped us make this gathering possible. We are particularly grateful to the contributors to this book for their willingness to come together and engage one another, and for their patient and diligent work revising their essays, taking into consideration PAGE xi ................. 18125$ $ACK 09-19-11 07:51:18 PS xii 兩 a c kn o w le d g me n t s our initial comments after the Transdisciplinary Colloquium and those of the anonymous scholars who participated in the peer review of the manuscript. Eduardo wants to express his particular gratitude to Ada, for inviting him to collaborate on what was her brainchild. It is his honor to publish with Ada, a pioneer Latina mujerista theologian, and with some of the most inspirational Latina/o scholars today. Ada Marı́a, on her part, is most grateful for Eduardo’s willingness to work with her in the many tasks that birthing a book requires. Without Eduardo’s energy, breadth of knowledge, and positive attitude, this project could not have been brought to completion. Both Ada and Eduardo express their gratitude to Teresa Jesionowski for her outstanding copy editing and to Lori Gallegos de Castillo for her help with the index. We are also grateful to Helen Tartar, who continues to oversee the publication of the proceedings from the Drew Colloquium, and to all those at Fordham University Press who helped make this book a reality. PAGE xii ................. 18125$ $ACK 09-19-11 07:51:19 PS D E CO L O NI Z I NG E P IS T E MO L O GI E S PAGE xiii ................. 18125$ HFTL 09-19-11 08:05:22 PS PAGE xiv ................. 18125$ HFTL 09-19-11 08:05:22 PS ...


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