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C O N T E N T S Acknowledgments xi Introduction: Freeing Subjugated Knowledge 兩 Ada Marı́a Isasi-Dı́az and Eduardo Mendieta 1 KNOWING REALITY Decolonizing Western Epistemology / Building Decolonial Epistemologies 兩 Walter Mignolo 19 Mujerista Discourse: A Platform for Latinas’ Subjugated Knowledge 兩 Ada Marı́a Isasi-Dı́az 44 Methodological Notes toward a Decolonial Feminism 兩 Marı́a Lugones 68 An(other) Invitation to Epistemological Humility: Notes toward a Self-Critical Approach to Counter-Knowledges 兩 Otto Maduro 87 L AT I N A / O L OC U S HI S T O R I C U S Anti-Latino Racism 兩 Linda Martı́n Alcoff 107 The Act of Remembering: The Reconstruction of U.S. Latina/o Identities by U.S. Latina/o Muslims 兩 Hjamil A. Martı́nez-Vázquez 127 If It Is Not Catholic, Is It Popular Catholicism? Evil Eye, Espiritismo, and Santerı́a: Latina/o Religion within Latina/o Theology 兩 Michelle A. González 151 PAGE ix ................. 18125$ CNTS 09-19-11 07:51:16 PS x 兩 c o nt e n ts ‘‘Racism is not intellectual’’: Interracial Friendship, Multicultural Literature, and Decolonizing Epistemologies 兩 Paula M. L. Moya 169 M A P P I N G L AT I N A / O F U T U R E S Epistemology, Ethics, and the Time/Space of Decolonization: Perspectives from the Caribbean and the Latina/o Americas 兩 Nelson Maldonado-Torres 193 Thinking Bodies: The Spirit of a Latina Incarnational Imagination 兩 Mayra Rivera Rivera 207 Decolonizing Religion: Pragmatism and Latina/o Religious Experience 兩 Christopher Tirres 226 The Ethics of (Not) Knowing: Take Care of Ethics and Knowledge Will Come of Its Own Accord 兩 Eduardo Mendieta 247 Notes 265 List of Contributors 311 Index 313 PAGE x ................. 18125$ CNTS 09-19-11 07:51:17 PS ...


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