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Filmography Principal and some supporting cast listed, with the exceptions of It’s Impossible, Slacker, and Waking Life, where all cast has been credited. Experimental films made prior to 1989 are not included, nor are the currently unavailable video Heads I Win/Tails You Lose (1991) and the unreleased HBO pilot $5.15/Hr. (2004). Films dated according to year of U.S. domestic theatrical release, with the exceptions of Live from Shiva’s Dance Floor, released on DVD, and Inning by Inning, released on the ESPN cable-television network. It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books (1989) USA Production: Detour Filmproduction Direction: Richard Linklater Conception: Richard Linklater Cinematography: Richard Linklater Editing: Richard Linklater Cast: Richard Linklater, James Goodwin, Daniel Kratochvil, Linda Finney, Tracy Crabtree, Linda Levine, Lisa Schiebold, Erin MacAfee, Various Family, D. Montgomery, Scott Van Horn, Daniel Johnston, Tammy Gomez, Keith McCormack Color 86 min. Slacker (1991) USA Production: Detour Filmproduction Producer: Richard Linklater Distribution: Orion Classics Direction: Richard Linklater Screenplay: Richard Linklater Cinematography: Lee Daniel Editing: Scott Rhodes Casting: Anne Walker-McBay Cast: Richard Linklater (Should have stayed at bus station), Rudy Basquez (Taxi Driver), Jean Caffeine (Roadkill), Jan Hockey (Jogger), Stephan Hockey (Running late), Mark James (Hit-and-run son), Samuel Dietert (Grocery grabber of death’s bounty), Bob Boyd (Officer Bozzio), Terrence Kirk (Officer Love), Keith McCormack (Street musician), Jennifer Schaudies (Walking to coffee shop), Dan Kratochvil (Espresso czar), Maris Strautmanis (Giant cappuccino), Brecht Andersch (Dostoyevsky wannabe), Tom Pallotta (Looking for missing friend), Jerry Deloney (Been on the moon since the 50’s), Heather West (Tura Satana look-alike), John Spath (Co-op guy), Ron Marks (Bush basher), Daniel Dugan (Comb game player), Brian Crockett (Sadistic comb game player), Scott Marcus (Ultimate loser), Stella Weir (Stephanie from Dallas), Teresa Taylor (Pap smear pusher), Mark Harris (T-shirt terrorist), Greg Wilson (Antitraveller ), Debbie Pastor (Wants to leave country), Gina Lalli (Sidewalk psychic), Sharon Roos (Devoted follower), Frank Orrall (Happy-go-lucky guy), Skip Fulton Jr. (Two for one special), Abra Moore (Has change), Lori Capp (Traumatized yacht owner), Gus Vayas (Cranky cook), Louis Black (Paranoid paper reader), Don Stroud (Recluse in bathrobe), Janelle Coolich (Shut-in girlfriend), Aleister Barron (Peeping kid), Albans Benchoff (Coke machine robber), Nigel Benchoff (Budding capitalist youth), Zara Barron (Coke heist accomplice), Kevin Whitley (Jilted boyfriend), Steve Anderson (Guy who tosses typewriter), Robert Pierson (Based on authoritative sources), Sarah Harmon (Has faith in groups), David Haymond (Street dweller), John Slate (“Conspiracy A-Go-Go” author), Scott Van Horn (Nova), Lee Daniel (GTO), Charles Gunning (Hitchhiker awaiting “true call”), Tamsy Ringler (Video interviewer), Luke Savisky (Video cameraman), Meg Brennan (Sitting at cafe), Phillip Hostak (Hit up for cigarettes), D. Angus MacDonald (Video playing store security), Shelly Kristaponis (Shoplifter), Louis Mackey (Old anarchist), Kathy McCarty (Anarchist’s daughter), Michael Laird (Burglar), Jack Meredith (Get-away accomplice), Clark Lee Walker (Cadillac crook), Kalman Spellitich (Video backpacker), Siqgouri Wilkovich (Slapping boyfriend), John Hawkins (Choking girlfriend), Scott Rhodes (Disgruntled grad student), Denise Montgomery (Having a breakthrough day), Mimi Vitetta (Teacup sculptor), Susannah Simone (Working on same painting), Bruce Hughes (Card playing waiter), Keith Fletcher (Cafe card player #1), Eric Buehlman (Cafe card player #2), R. Malice (Scooby Doo philosopher), Mark Quirk (Papa Smurf), Kim Krizan (Questions happiness), Annick Souhami (Has conquered fear of rejection), Regina 152 | Filmography Garza (Smoking writer), Stephen Jacobson (S-T-E-V-E with a van), Eric Lord (Doorman at club), Kelly Linn (Bike rider with nice shoes), Rachael Reinhardt (Cousin from Greece), Stewart Bennet (Sitting on ledge), Kevin Thompson (Handstamping arm licker), Nick Maffei (Pixl-Visionary), Nolan Morrison (To be buried by history), Dan Kratochvil (Masonic malcontent), Kyle Rosenblad (Going to catch a show), Ed Hall (Band playing at club), Lucinda Scott (Dairy Queen photographer), Wammo (Anti-artist), Marianne Hyatt (Late night pick-up), Gary Price (Watching early morning TV), Joseph Jones (Old man recording thoughts), Kendal Smith (Postmodern Paul Revere), Sean Coffey (Super 8 cameraman), Jennifer Carroll (All-night partier), Charlotte Norris (Convertible driver), Patrice Sullivan (Day tripper), Greg Ward (Tosses camera off cliff) Color 100 min. Dazed and Confused (1993) USA Production: Alphaville, Detour Filmproduction Producers: James Jacks, Sean Daniel, Richard Linklater, and Anne WalkerMcBay Distribution: Universal/Gramercy Pictures Direction: Richard Linklater Screenplay: Richard Linklater Cinematography: Lee Daniel Editing: Sandra Adair Production Design: John Frick Costume Design: Katherine (K. D.) Dover Casting: Don Phillips Cast: Jason London (Pink), Joey Lauren Adams (Simone), Milla Jovovich (Michelle), Shawn Andrews (Pickford), Rory Cochrane (Slater), Adam Goldberg (Mike), Anthony Rapp (Tony...


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