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 Foreword by Hon. Barbara Madsen, Chief Justice, Washington State Supreme Court ix Preface xi Authors’ Note xv  Introduction. Globalization, Families, and Domestic Violence: The Hague Convention in Practice 1 1  Emotional Terror, Physical Harm, and Women’s Experiences of Domestic Violence 28 2  The Misinterpretation of Domestic Violence: Recasting Survival as Child Abduction 56 3  The Unique Situation of Latinas Responding to Hague Petitions with Luz Lopez and Gita Mehrotra 84 4 Child Exposure to Abduction and Domestic Violence 101 5 Hague Decisions and the Aftermath 121 6 How Attorneys Litigate Hague Domestic Violence Cases 146 7  Judicial Reasoning in Hague Cases Involving Domestic Violence with William Vesneski 172 8 Practice and Policy Implications 192 Afterword by Sudha Shetty, Esq. 204 Appendixes A If You Need Help 207 B Methods for Mothers’ Study 211 Contents viii | Contents C Methods for Attorney Study 226 D Methods for Judicial Opinion Study 228 References 233 List of Legal Cases Cited 249 Index 251 ...


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