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a murder in wellesley 127 should read a book or take a walk on the beach, but I would be available if he needed me.” Herrera would hear from Dirk one last time, she told the rapt detectives. “He left me a message and said he was sorry, but he didn’t want me to call him anymore because he couldn’t see me,” she said. “He said now wasn’t the time and that if he needed to see me in the future he would call me. I was kind of upset about what he was saying in these messages, and I talked to a friend of mine about it.” The prostitute never learned Dirk’s last name, she said, and didn’t know about his wife’s murder. If Dirk called her the day before Halloween or again the day after, he didn’t leave a message, Herrera told Foley. The sting to enlist her cooperation had gone as perfectly as Foley had hoped. Before driving away in her Volvo to pick up her daughter, Herrera agreed to testify before the grand jury. “She had made direct contact with him and made direct contact with him recently,” said Foley. “That was the most important thing, but she also let us know that there was another person in Dirk’s life that he was very close with by the name of Elizabeth. So we knew there were others.” Foley knew he had to somehow find the mysterious Elizabeth the doctor had mentioned to Herrera. She had obviously left an impression on the straying husband, apparently to the point where he had instructed Herrera to call herself Elizabeth. One thing was for certain, Foley thought, tracking down Elizabeth was going to be much more difficult than finding Deborah Herrera. 13 As she boarded a cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Sunday, November 21, Belinda Markel knew it was going to be another melancholy Thanksgiving. It had been just before Thanksgiving the previous year that her grandmother had suffered a stroke, commencing the eight-week illness that culminated with her passing. As soon as the family had returned from 128 tom farmer and marty foley May’s distressing private funeral, Murray Stark had booked the holiday cruise, looking for a tonic to help ease their grief. While May’s death remained heavy on the hearts of the Markels and Starks, it was the suspicion swirling around Dr. Greineder that dominated their conversations. Belinda and her mother also knew they had a thorny situation to navigate when they returned to New York. With her husband, Greg, acting as an intermediary, Belinda and Ilse had agreed to meet with Trooper Marty Foley and Detective Jill McDermott. The scheduled interview had caused further friction between Belinda and her uncle. “We knew at that point that we were going to meet with the police, and there was some anxiety about that,” she said. “It caused a lot of family arguments. There was anxiety because we didn’t know what to expect.” As the cruise wore on, the conversations escalated, with Belinda and her mother slowly coming to the conclusion already reached by their husbands that Dirk had likely killed May. Docking in San Juan on Thanksgiving Day, the two women finally vocalized their revelations while taking a launch to shore with their husbands. “As we’re sitting there, this conversation is going on between Greg, my father, and sort of my mother and myself about how the evidence is really mounting and clearly he must have been the one who did it,” Belinda recalled. While the highly regarded corporate attorney and street-smart businessman were all but convinced, Belinda was still holding out slight hope that her uncle had somehow been wrongly accused. Dr. Greineder had talked incessantly about DNA and how the police did not have his, but his claim had waned in subsequent phone conversations. “Even at that point, I’d have to say I was 85 percent convinced that he did it,” Belinda estimated. Returning to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, November 28, Belinda now had another burden on her mind, in addition to her concern with getting her bereaved children back on track with their studies and daily routines. With the evolving belief that Dirk had killed May, Belinda and Ilse had to be careful in future conversations with their murderous relative, she decided. “By the time we got back, we both knew there was a good possibility that something was...


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