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a murder in wellesley 103 Watching his boys play sports, Foley liked to stand off alone away from the boisterous, fiercely partisan parents rooting for the Marlborough Panthers . He wasn’t a yell-and-scream kind of fan but instead enjoyed savoring his pride in his sons at play in solitude or with his wife. While watching the action from field level, Foley was approached by a woman he had known for several years, who was a civilian employee of the State Police. “Dr. Greineder is my allergist, and he is a brilliant man,” she told her coworker. “I hope Marty’s not thinking he could have done this,” the woman added, looking at his wife. Foley politely responded without answering her question. The woman was not the first and would not be the last to approach Foley or the other investigators with a comment like this. Most extolled Dirk Greineder’s skill as a physician or parent and found it preposterous that he had fallen under suspicion. Foley had planned to escape the rigors of the high-profile case for just a few hours, but it was not meant to be. “No matter where I went it was going to be there,” he said. “It also showed how affected the community was. We came across a lot of people who knew Dirk or went to Dirk as a patient. He was brilliant in his field, and you can’t take that away from him.” Murdering your wife, however, was an entirely different endeavor, and Foley wanted to expose Dr. Greineder’s dark side. Tim Foley and the Marlborough Panthers easily handled Doherty Memorial 34–12 that Friday night, on the way to a respectable 6–5 season. His father found it refreshing to spend some time with his family, even though he couldn’t remove himself from the image of May Greineder lying hideously murdered off a tranquil pathway. 10 Marty Foley and Jill McDermott had almost immediate success Saturday morning as they asked residents arriving at Morses Pond if they had used the recreation area the week before. Wellesley resident Duncan Andrews, an affable middle-aged man walking his dog about 8:15 a.m., told 104 tom farmer and marty foley the detectives he had arrived at the pond about the same time the previous Sunday, returning home by nine o’clock. He and his wife were familiar with the Greineders and had heard about the sensational slaying. “I was here last Sunday and walked my dog and left, but I didn’t see anything. I parked my car right over there,” Andrews said, pointing to the intersection of Turner Road and Halsey Avenue, across the street from where Dr. Greineder had parked his van. Andrews and his wife, Patricia, knew the Greineders from having walked their dog at Morses Pond for the previous five years, but the relationship only extended to friendly greetings. They were careful to keep their dog, Allie, away from the Greineders’ more aggressive German shepherds. Gliding down Turner Road on Halloween morning, Andrews had seen a silver minivan parked to the left of the gate in the spot he frequently used. Easing toward the curb on the right, he had parked his car across the intersection from the van. Feeling rushed because he had to get home to prepare for a function on the North Shore later, Andrews began his regular walk, which would take him in a loop around the recreation area, but he had noticed nothing amiss. Shortly after meeting Andrews, Foley spotted his key eyewitness, Bill Kear, ambling up to the Turner Road gate, stopping to pick up his small terrier. Foley watched as Kear unhooked the tiny dog from its leash, putting the animal back down for the walk down the access road. Foley had planned to re-interview Kear at some point, but not then. They exchanged “good mornings,” and then, looking at the second hand of his watch, the detective discretely timed the man’s leisurely pace from the gate to a signpost about two hundred feet down the access road “to get an idea of how fast he walked.” Foley did the same thing with Duncan Andrews the following day when he showed up at the pond with his wife for a walk. Although it wasn’t planned, the detectives asked the couple if they could accompany them on their morning circuit with Allie. Joining Duncan in front with the dog while Patricia trailed behind...


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