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196 43 ~ Sam The phone rang. Sam had just tucked Zoe’s checkered blanket around Timothy’s shoulders and returned to help Jeremy recolor digital images on the computer. Sam grabbed for the receiver. “Emily?” “Pippa’s collapsed. They’re working on her now.” “What happened?” “Anaphylactic shock, probably. From the rubber strap of her ankle monitor.” “Will she be okay?” He pictured Pippa’s sunshine face, the surprise of her occasional southern accent. Her grin when she had danced the turquoise finger puppet. “I don’t know.” “What’s going on, Emily? She was fine.” “It’s a long story. And it’s my fault.” “No, I’m sure it’s not your fault.” Emily interrupted him. “Don’t argue with me now. Are the boys okay?” Sam looked at Jeremy’s head bent in concentration at the computer. “They’re fine.” “I’ll call when there’s news.” “One more thing, Emily.” Sam spoke softly. “At the park tonight, Tian was kissing the blond woman. Seriously kissing. Isn’t he Pippa’s boyfriend?” There was a long pause. “Yeah. I guess. We’ll worry about that later, okay?” “Okay,” Sam said, but it didn’t feel right. He understood that Emily didn’t want Pippa to be hurt. But she had a right to know if her guy was cheating, didn’t she? ...


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