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173 34 ~ Sam When Emily left for Pippa’s, Sam sat down in her chair. He had to figure out a logical plan of action. He’d better not screw up this time. Sam knew Forest Park. High school summers he worked on the park crew, clearing brush and cutting trees marked by the parks management guys from Boston. He had a vague memory of planting rhododendron bushes. The superintendent insisted they wouldn’t survive on that cold, windy hillside, but the lady with the bucks argued that the acid soil from the pine needles was perfect. He could easily hack into the park management network. He could find the solstice ritual site. What good was that? Even if he knew where the ceremony would take place, he had no clue what Pippa and Emily were planning, or how he could help them avoid a disaster. He didn’t realize Zoe had stopped crying until Anna returned to the kitchen. “Thanks for cleaning up,” she said. “Where’s Emily?” “She said to tell you she was going out.” “Out where?” “To see Pippa.” Anna sat down and faced Sam across the table. “What’s going on?” He stood up. “She didn’t say. She told me to mind my own business, just like you did half an hour ago. So, I’m going home to do that.” As he closed the kitchen door behind him, Sam glanced at Anna. Her back was taut with worry. Outside, Sam leaned on the porch railing. The night was clear. Orion balanced on the tips of the frozen branches of the swamp maple tree in the back yard. He hated to keep secrets from Anna, but she was suspicious already. Anna was a black and white kind of person. Something was right, or it was wrong. Funny, Sam didn’t remember her being that way when they were first together. Things changed 174 ~ House Arrest when she found out about Zoe’s spine. She wouldn’t listen when he tried to say how scared he was, how full of self-doubt. Maybe being tough went with that new territory , where he hadn’t been able to follow her. Anna might feel compelled to call the cops, or the probation officer, that Nan woman Emily mentioned. He couldn’t take that chance. He climbed the wooden stairs to his apartment. He had to handle this alone. He didn’t consider himself a brave guy. But Emily was family. ...


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