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111 ANNE GORRICK 21st Century Girls: A Quarter-Cento The world can’t be a vampire forever, the end will be hands, unbearably loud of yellow boomvy as a D-cup You streak, divine down Mulholland Drive— moneyed enough and it’s difficult to make metaphor out of the body’s lower idle, the human purr Sugah says, baby, come zip my dress You have knife pleats in your skirt, a selfish all pink like showing its tits You’re making noises like a husband and he groped for her Volvo under the gauze A boy is a girl with a strap-on failings get rescripted as uncanny. her who filled the trolly and washing machine, and wrote and too wanton for ordinary chores. Vastness writes into the space that was her hem simplify ardor and we Metaphor makes thing equivalent Like him I was getting paid to act like I believed liquid without sun—at all, not on its rim. I rhyme with the ground Because she’s in a body, it makes decisions. Hope for the artist in America & etc There is the sound of dust heard over the telephone ...


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