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103 AUDREY FRIEDMAN Cento (Mark Doty, Atlantis) . . . and I can study all day in an element of color a composition in twenty aspects of gray nocturne in black and gold sea lavender shivers at the juncture of elements a wide vocabulary of ornament one vast conjugation of the verb to shine cinnabar and verdegris summer’s deep watered greens gleaming eggwhite watered paint pours is it a human soul the painter’s poured think abalone the wildly rainbowed mirror of a soapbubble sphere think sun on gasoline turbulent stasis on a blue background everything’s yellow and blue—coastal colors until they are refracted and reassembled melting in—what would you call this color? gorgeous disarray hung on the edges of the page like Chinese brushstrokes it seems a field of endless jade the colors in old Woolworth’s watercolor boxes 104 description is itself a type of travel chartreuse fixed and fired here in the cold, the world’s glazes pigment on unmarbled paper frozen, galactic, held ...


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