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71 ALLAN DOUGLASS COLEMAN Things to Remember about Shafting I What is a dynamo? What is an eccentric? How would you raise a shaft? Why not more pressure? Why is it lower? Explain the cause of it. II How do you know when you have taken enough off? Now what should be done? Can you raise, lift, or suck hot water? How is it done? an you name the different pumps? III What is a cavity? How does it act? Why is it put there? Why should it be so? IV How do you know when your pump is in good working order? Why so? What generally prevents a pump from working? 72 What are the different corrosions? Of what use is a safety-valve? How does it work? V What is a lubricator for? How does it operate? Would that not alter the length of the rod? How much? How would you do that? VI What would you do in case the eccentric slipped around on the shaft? What is a cushion for? Why does the adjustment make a difference? How is it generally done? Can the adjustment be made while running? How should that be done? By what name is the above known? VII What explosions are the worst? What is meant by clearance? ...


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