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32 L. N. ALLEN Ecclesiastes Redux It’s Howdy Doody time apple blossom time In the Good Old Summertime all the time in the world Kiss me once, and kiss me twice, and kiss me once again, It’s been a long, long time Younger than springtime, are you My Time is Your Time Day time, night time, any old time we’re wonderful, 1 x 1 Time On My Hands I’ll have the time of my life Till the end of time Two Tramps in Mud Time Keeping time, time, time in a sort of runic rhyme Time marches on time is money spend time, waste time, spare time lose time, keep time, save time playing for time 33 The Last Time I Saw Paris It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Of Time and the River end time Time after time, I tell myself that I’m behind the times, old as time, out of time, Father Time Time and tide wait for no man Time to put away childish things time to refrain from embracing Time to go, let’s have one cigarette time to place your bets HURRY UP IT’S TIME ...


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