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Table of Contents David Lehman Introduction 21 Theresa M. Welford A Note from the Editor 25 L. N. ALLEN Robot Woman 31 L. N. ALLEN Ecclesiastes Redux 32 BRADFORD ALLISON Melancholy in the Public Domain 34 NICOLE ANDONOV Morning with Pessoa 35 DODICI AZPADU Holy Terror 37 JEANNE MARIE BEAUMONT Solace from Marianne 40 F. J. BERGMANN Cento Canto 42 LORNA BLAKE Duke Ellington 47 LINDA BOSSON Terminal Signs 48 MARION BOYER How To Not Be Here When The Universe Dies: A Cento-Sestina 49 JOHN BRADLEY There Is a World: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Seduction of History 51 DEBBI BRODY Santa Fe Soul Cento 54 BETH BROWNE Junk Mail: A Found Poem 59 KERRI BUCKLEY There Was Only the Sound of the Sea 60 KERRI BUCKLEY Sea and Sky 62 NAN BYRNE Giant 63 CATHERINE CHANDLER-OLIVEIRA I had some things 64 CATHERINE CHANDLER-OLIVEIRA The Bard 65 ALEX CIGALE How the Animals Came Into this World 67 TERESE COE Clooth-na-Bare 69 TERESE COE Trifles 70 ALLAN DOUGLASS COLEMAN Things to Remember about Shafting 71 PHILIP DACEY Collage Sonnet: Thomas Eakins on Painting 73 PHILIP DACEY Patchwork Sonnet of Friends’ Complimentary Closes 74 MARTHA DEED Misunderestimated Will of Me in the Actual Unedited Words of George W. Bush: A Fabulous Year for Laura and Me (December 2011) 75 MARTHA DEED River Road Cento: a Sevening 77 SHARON DOLIN Char’d Endings 78 CAROL DORF A Cento of Stolen Moments 79 CAROL DORF You Had Meant to Catch It 80 EDWARD DOUGHERTY The Witness 81 LILA W. DUCKETT A Villanella 85 ELLEN ELDER My Mother’s Ashes 86 MARGARITA ENGLE He Who Cannot Run Flies 88 MARGARITA ENGLE Fresh Produce Tabloid Headlines 89 CARMINE ESPOSITO In the Center of Furies 90 CARMINE ESPOSITO Green Is the Night and Out of Madness Woven 91 MARGARET FIELAND Twelve Drummers Drumming: A Haiku Sequence 94 ANNIE FINCH Compassion for Scarpia 95 SUSAN FIRER Call Me Pier 98 RICHARD FLYNN Men of Our Time 99 JACK FOLEY Valentine’s Day Cento (Chaucer/Milton/Pope/Byron/Shelley/ Baudelaire/Joyce): The Radio Changes Poet Channels 101 AUDREY FRIEDMAN Cento (Mark Doty, Atlantis) 103 KATE GALE Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? 105 DIANE GERSONI-EDELMAN Cento: Falls the Shadow 106 DANA GIOIA A Short History of Tobacco 107 DANA GIOIA Elegy with Surrealist Proverbs as Refrain 109 ANNE GORRICK 21st Century Girls: A Quarter-Cento 111 KATE GREENSTREET eclipsed 112 KATE GREENSTREET He learns he was given a secret name 114 R. S. GWYNN Approaching a Significant Birthday, He Peruses The Norton Anthology of Poetry 115 KIMBERLY HAMILTON Land of the Fairy Chimneys 117 MARYANNE HANNAN An American Cento 118 MICHAEL HANNER On Finding a Book of Poems 120 BARBARA HANTMAN Burns Festschrift 122 BARBARA HANTMAN Gwendolyn Brooks: Medley of Wisdom 123 H. L. HIX Letter to Dana Gioia 125 H. L. HIX Letter to Philip Brady 128 JANIS BUTLER HOLM A Magazine of Bare, Naked Ladies 130 JANIS BUTLER HOLM Exercises in Subordination 131 MIKHAIL HOROWITZ The Second Coming of the New Colossus 133 MIKHAIL HOROWITZ Twenty Couplets 134 DARREN JACKSON At the Hour of Love and Blue Eye Lids 138 TROY JOLLIMORE Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Ruined by Reading the Cantos of Ezra Pound 143 GENEVIEVE KAPLAN 133 148 GENEVIEVE KAPLAN 166 149 JEN KARETNICK Centoum for Gin and Pilgrims 150 DIANE KENDIG On Frida Kahlo’s Diego on My Mind 151 TRACEY KNAPP Blonde 152 PHYLLIS KOESTENBAUM What Would I Do Without This World Faceless Incurious: A Cento 153 YALA KORWIN Let the Snake Wait 155 JANE K. KRETSCHMANN Volatile Territories 156 DAVID LEHMAN December 14 157 DAVID LEHMAN Touchstones 158 KAREN LEWIS Caught by the Light: A Cento 160 MARY LYON That Would Be All of It 163 MIKE MAGGIO A Muscle Disease, a Stream of Clear, Pure Water All Dried Up 164 MARTIN McGOWAN Poetics 167 MARTIN McGOWAN Wet Bones 168 SUSAN McLEAN Last Words: A Cento 170 MARY MOORE Emily, Walking 171 MARY MOORE View from a Hotel in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 172 WILDA MORRIS Astrophel and Stella 173 CHRISTOPHER MULROONEY cento 174 EILEEN MURPHY when it rains (Clouds Cento #5) 175 EILEEN MURPHY Grimm Cento #2 176 ERIC NELSON Dickinson’s Island 178 DEBORAH NODLER ROSEN Dreaming Myself 179 GEORGE NORTHRUP Nos Morituri Te Salutamus 181 KATHLEEN OSSIP Ballade Confessionnelle: Plath and Sexton 182 LYNNE PATTISON Who But I 184 DAVID POSTON Cento, Selected Works 186 MARJORIE POWER Fall Runway Report...


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