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63 Where on the morning, day in duplicate, was I without picture, to recall, day in sequence, holy ghost the telephone, ignoring the news, knows not, yes, that would be fitting, expedient, suitable, opportune, voice that begins with short hello, strong note, telling the item it stands for, speech trained to commit, ease tension, state fact, curtail information with such gladness as to eclipse a surname, disembodied, mine, it’s the same old ability to speak as ever, to this person for whom acquisitive I exist alone in the privilege of my household, as are these images on the television, and a voice skilled to submit in brief abridgment its business. An example is this— expandable for greater versatility, and with different features to match, in a portfolio free of risk, the key here, keep it compelling and to the point— creeping horror in real time of the unthinkable impact arriving in episodic bursts of chilling disbelief, signified first by trembling floors, sharp eruptions, cracked windows, fireball through a building, actual unfathomable realization of the gaping, flaming hole in the first of the tall towers, and then the same thing all over again in its twin for a hell mouth, as civility to breaking point, fastened to this other voice in spirals listen closely towhatIsay,foreitheritisyes,Iamwithyounow,orno,thecitydisintegrating, revulsion somewhere, now everywhere, nowhere safe, and there in the picture is our talking, it cannot cease, it plummets also down the side of the south tower, in freefall, and a caller for whom the merciless sight of bodies helplessly tumbling out, some of them in flames. An example is this—it should have been enough for us, to find me without recourse to oppose, but it wasn’t, it wants me there, strapped between another transaction and catastrophe, like voice, for whose sake, I who am nothing, like it without cease. An example is this—say the kingdom in all its dust and debris, all the money guaranteed in cataclysm, on television, here together with me, our dividends in fourfold to enhance the hereinafter. ...


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