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53 Weather suited not to a limitless field of occurrence, but to confinement, an infinitesimal part of the alliterative outcome of how and when to say it widespread, the entire keyboard, palladian texture minded as in a piano music listened to while nodding headlong off into parallel motion with a change of position during the alphabet years and a canon at the lower fifth, hands crossing and thumbs under in theme and inversion to alternating thirds with the aim of asking what matter, what business to the tourist whether the place is run by despots, whether someone’s been executed elsewhere on the streets, whether the natives are banned from beaches, or deprived of the water used to fill how many swimming pools, and why the climate is such that we favor conditions where moral values are established in art and faithfully followed, like myself, by sycophants in thatches of acrylic plush in pink and black fabrics, feathery torso and cunt in gloss or nipples by leather straps petrified in the ideal body a death wish. Or what happens when you inhabit me thinking here of each disordered instant with everybody talking at once, all such a difficult web, so many people to attend to, and not regarding some arcane reference but the limited world, all in the head, as it opens up to convince you I am not formless, no matter 54 what the potential attempt no matter once in season when sound in dream place delight and work of the vine from furrows be praised the book of hours whose clock-stop conceit over the house of having unto higher ground I was exhausted when I woke up to the involuntary movements and sensory impulse along the chain of nerve cells, the collective ashes and suspended planks of the pleasure ward wherein the human shape surrounding certain words was mint and glycerin, drugs and explosives 55 VOICE ACT PLUMB ...


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