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51 Sun bursting as in water beads along his lower back and inner thigh in awe derived from looking at a hero’s naked body aimless drift within made visible out of squint and second sight or gleaming eager intake of breath a mouth full stop short of lipped exhale elliptic against heft in mine made immediate graze of finest hair rise and pull of his stomach, fist-grip and temples wet this heave of fleshhold in terms of reach and recoil ample bearing hesitate and limber shift enjoyed immersion glisten from forehead and sideburn down the scar of his lower angle finite these same words over and over what a face denotes in pleasured reference itself a silver orbit tiny pierce at his nipple roused thumb slick inside the hollow of my mouth round pressed with tongue and finger this is oil, liquid news, sway- 52 ed anticipation and too much reward the smell of butane nothing hidden I’m outnumbered every tongue in my ear struggled sum of them in droplets distend swell in me this is volume rippled mummery in advance of force poised clutches deft in handle a weightless doubletake of a minute the imprint my drenched face nestled in appetite and surfeit I make mound of here his mouth a snarl an onrush ours a whole surface impelled into fuck-yes abundance glow-for-me ...


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