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25 Three blind mice finger the alphabet song into ream is my handle and spout by the culprits who, police announced on Tuesday, were chiefly married professionals of whom you would have suspected nothing but a sort of devotion Not unlike any other relevant inquiry into the world, I mean the norm, not the appearance, one of having been ransacked, about a figure staggering among the arbitrary pyramids of mango, tangerine, and medlar, around the Chamula market, to the murmur of children in church, the shuffle of feet of knees over pine needles, but also incense in rising seams, the shape of eggs and bottles of Pepsi Something powerful is lending lesser credence to protracted visions fueled by a utopian hope, the resentful people who want to do me harm, or maybe the earth where the house was standing dangerous, I don’t know what animal of well-being and destruction led me to releasing bullets between the eyes of the entire family, propping the little ones up against the bedroom wall to watch me film myself all naked over mother, real movie-like to the camera, smashing every mirror in the festering place to bury shards into the corpses of mom and dad, 26 not that anything can be said, or why this is a real person and the men and women slaughtered in rural Mexico are not compared to the public executions of the official party’s presidential candidate or secretary general But is there room enough for the pockets of my breathing and the haptic glance with which I spread the firmness of a lover’s crevice against my tongue, in consonants voiced and unvoiced, hands dirty with the kind of stroking that would sell you a syringe, or the taste of money I spend in the lube-city wet dream, a share of compelling stories to tell the master who will reward me with license over those in whose image of a meaningful life I’d come to play a prominent role when police said they expect to make further arrests with increasingly fewer means of establishing the most elemental regions of thought and feeling, any slogan impossible —or so the television of ever escaping, unequivocal and absolute, this magnificent bondage ...


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