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Contents Acknowledgments ix Prologue: The Archive Ballad I am a concept 1 1. If Even Such Miracles Are Rare . . . Piano wire of the last word 5 If Even Such Miracles Are Rare 6 The intelligentsia of Los Angeles 8 As if still awake 9 Animals oblivious 10 The kind of line I’m describing 12 Being a day 14 (Taxco: The Hills) 15 Source or matrix 16 Newer measure to the ethics 17 Field of material contentions 18 2. Full Foreground Flatlands 21 Three blind mice 25 Not a word of my surrounding 27 Impulse in the great organism of terror 29 Full foreground and shortcomings 32 Caught between the last ground 34 Low in tar and nicotine 36 An establishment containing such a furnace 38 It happens when the drift-rebounding 40 3. Amulet Anatomy Honeycomb perfection of this form 45 What it means 47 A reverence in the order of time 49 Sun bursting as in water beads 51 Weather suited 53 The plain terms this place a conversation 56 by what authority 59 Afterlife: Anniversary Where on the morning 63 Notes 65 ...


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