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Jews and Diaspora Nationalism the tauber institute series for the study of european jewry Jehuda Reinharz, General Editor Sylvia Fuks Fried, Associate Editor the brandeis library of modern jewish thought Eugene R. Sheppard and Samuel Moyn, Editors This library aims to redefine the canon of modern Jewish thought by publishing primary source readings from individual Jewish thinkers or groups of thinkers in reliable English translations. Designed for courses in modern Jewish philosophy, thought, and intellectual history, each volume features a general introduction and annotations to each source with the instructor and student in mind. Jews and Diaspora Nationalism: Writings on Jewish Peoplehood in Europe and the United States Simon Rabinovitch, editor Moses Mendelssohn: Writings on Judaism, Christianity, and the Bible Michah Gottlieb, editor Jews and Race: Writings on Identity and Difference, 1880–1940 Mitchell B. Hart, editor for the complete list of books that are forthcoming in the series, please see Brandeis University Press Waltham, Massachusetts Jews & Diaspora Nationalism Edited by Simon Rabinovitch Writings on JeWish PeoPlehood in euroPe and the united states brandeis university press An imprint of University Press of New England© 2012 Brandeis University All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America Designed by Eric M. Brooks Typeset in Albertina and Verlag by Passumpsic Publishing University Press of New England is a member of the Green Press Initiative. The paper used in this book meets their minimum requirement for recycled paper. Israel Knox, “Is America Exile or Home? We Must Begin to Build for Permanence,” is reprinted from commentary, November 1946, by permission; copyright © 1946 by Commentary, Inc. For permission to reproduce any of the material in this book, contact Permissions, University Press of New England, One Court Street, Suite 250, Lebanon NH 03766; or visit Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Jews and diaspora nationalism: writings on Jewish peoplehood in Europe and the United States / edited by Simon Rabinovitch. p. cm. — (The Tauber institute series for the study of European Jewry) (The Brandeis library of modern Jewish thought) Includes index. isbn 978-1-58465-761-3 (cloth: alk. paper)— isbn 978-1-58465-762-0 (pbk.: alk. paper)— isbn 978-1-61168-362-2 (ebook) 1. Jewish nationalism—History. 2. Jews—Identity. 3. Jewish nationalism—Europe—History. 4. Zionism. 5. Judaism and politics. 6. Socialism and Judaism. 7. Jews—United States— Identity. I. Rabinovitch, Simon. ds 143.j485 2012 320.54095694—dc23  2012018561 5 4 3 2 1 For my parents, Martin and Belinda ...


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