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My greatest debt is to Ian Duncan and Kent Puckett, my closest collaborators and mentors at the University of California, Berkeley, where I wrote the first drafts of this manuscript. This book is for them. But a good deal of thanks is due to many others. For their inspiration and tireless support during my time in graduate school, I want to recognize Michael Mascuch, Kevis Goodman, Charles Altieri, Richard Halpern, Catherine Gallagher , Sharon Marcus, Kamilla Elliot, Kaja Silverman, and James Turner. In the Berkeley English Department, Mary Melinn and Lee Parsons made life run more smoothly on many occasions. Adrienne Williams-Boyarin, Leslie WaltonMonstavicius , Vlasta Vranjes, Connie You, Ryan McDermott, Padma Rangarajan , and Talissa Ford, I owe so much to your big brains and giant hearts. At Indiana University, I have had the tremendous good fortune of finding many smart, tireless readers and interlocutors. Ivan Kreilkamp and Andrew H. Miller, especially, have read too many pages, and had too many conversations, to count. To Mary Favret, Patricia Ingham, Nick Williams, Jonathan Elmer, Lara Kriegel, Susan Gubar, Penelope Anderson, Judith Brown, Denise Cruz, Joss Marsh, Shannon Gayk, Jennifer Fleissner, Henry Glassie, Mary Gray, Catherine Guthrie, Scott Herring, Alyce Miller, Pravina Shukla, Shane Vogel, Ed Comentale , Jesse Molesworth, Christoph Irmscher, Richard Nash, Joshua Kates, Tarez Graban, and Alex Doty, your friendship and intelligence enrich my life and writing . Additional thanks are due to the English Department staff, the NineteenthCentury Research Forum, the Victorian Studies staff, and my graduate and undergraduate students. The Poynter Center and the Institute for Advanced Study, joint sponsors of Indiana University’s Empathy Workshop, provided valuable funding for this project. Gracious interlocutors outside Indiana University include Jan Fergus, Monique Morgan, Rebecca Stern, Carolyn Williams, Rachel Ablow, Helen Hauser, David Kurnick, Jonathan Farina, Erika Wright, Alice Villaseñor, Adela Pinch, Acknowledgments viii a c k n o w l e d g m e n t s Daniel Hack, Lucy Hartley, John Plotz, Nicholas Dames, and the members of the Dickens Project, especially John Jordan. I am deeply grateful to the Dickens Universe for many things, but most of all for the (weird, thrilling) intellectual environment it fosters. I thank the participants in the University of Michigan’s Nineteenth-Century Forum for their invitation to share my work-in-progress and for their valuable feedback on it. Earlier versions of parts of some chapters have been published as follows: from chapters 1 and 2, “The Art of Knowing Your Own Nothingness,” ELH 77.4 (2010): 893–914, used with permission from the journal editor; from chapter 4, “Sympathy Time: Adam Smith, George Eliot, and the Realist Novel,” Narrative 17.3 (2009): 291–311, used with permission from the Ohio State University Press; and from chapter 1 and the coda, “Thinking of Me Thinking of You: Sympathy v. Empathy in the Realist Novel,” Victorian Studies 53.3 (2011): 417–26, used with permission from Indiana University Press. It has been a tremendous pleasure working with the Johns Hopkins University Press, whose professionalism and efficiency were truly remarkable. I am grateful for the efforts of Matt McAdam, my editor, along with Juliana McCarthy, Glenn Perkins, Karen Wilmes, and the anonymous reader whose astute commentary improved the manuscript. To my families, given and chosen: Peggy Greiner, Robert and Judy Greiner, all the Lutzes and Greiners, James and Kathleen Szymanski, as well as the BAPS, the COTAS, B-E (Meredith Fenton and Cara Dellaquila), the 5JANETS, and my SF crew, I love you all. Finally, without Zakary Szymanski’s affection and patience this book would be much what it is now, but I would not. Therein a world of difference lies. Thank you. Sympathetic Realism in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction This page intentionally left blank ...


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