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Illustrations 3.1 Francisco Heylan, “The Healing of Cecilio and Tesifón” 69 3.2 Francisco Heylan, “Image of the Church of Granada” 71 3.3 Francisco Heylan, title page of Justino Antolínez de Burgos, Historia eclesiástica de Granada 86 4.1 Route of the Toma procession 94 4.2 Arms of the City of Granada 96 5.1 Alberto Fernández, “Map of the City of Granada to the Sacromonte de Valparaíso” 120 5.2 Alberto Fernández, “Description of the Sacromonte de Valparaíso” 121 5.3 Alberto Fernández, “Description of the Caverns of the Sacromonte of Granada in Which They Found the Relics and the Books of the Saints” 122 5.4 Francisco Heylan, “Map of Granada” 124 5.5 Title page of Francisco Bermúdez de Pedraza, Antigüedad y excelencias de Granada 132 5.6 Bernard Heylan, “The Immaculate Conception” 141 5.7 Francisco Heylan, title page of Relación breve de las reliquias que se hallaron en la ciudad de Granada 142 5.8 Ana Heylan, title page of Francisco Bermúdez de Pedraza, Historia eclesiástica de Granada 143 5.9 Ana Heylan, “The Virgin of Triumph of Granada” 146 This page intentionally left blank ...


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