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Contributors maría susana azzi is a cultural anthropologist who, through the tango, looks at the history of multiculturalism in Argentina and the recovery of social networks, symbols,andvaluesofculturalidentity(national,metropolitan,barrio,andgender identities). She has widely published on various aspects of the tango, including Le Grand Tango: The Life and Music of Astor Piazzolla (with Simon Collier), ¡Tango! The Dance, the Song, the Story (with Simon Collier, Artemis Cooper, and Richard Martin),andAntropologíadelTango(1991).Azzihaspresentedpapersandlectures throughoutLatinAmerica,theUnitedStates,andEurope.Sheservedasaconsultant for several documentaries on the tango, sound recordings, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Geographic Society, the British Library Sound Archive, and the Smithsonian Institution. egberto bermúdez studied early music-performance practice and musicology at the Guildhall School of Music and King’s College, University of London. CurrentlyheisaprofessorattheInstitutodeInvestigacionesEst éticasoftheNational University in Bogotá, Colombia. He has published a number of works on Latin American and Colombian music history, traditional and popular musics, and musicalinstruments.In1984hefounded,andsincethendirected,Canto,anensemblethatspecializesinSpanishandLatinAmericanRenaissanceandBaroque repertoire. In 1992, he established (with Juan Luis Restrepo) the Fundación de Música,aninstitutiondedicatedtodisseminatingtheproductsofresearchonthe Latin American musical past among scholars and the general public. He served as president of the Historical Harp Society from 1998 to 2001. mark f. dewitt received his doctorate in ethnomusicology from the University of California, Berkeley. He holds the Dr. Tommy Comeaux Endowed Chair in Traditional Music at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he is a pro- Contributors fessor of music. He is also the author of Cajun and Zydeco Dance Music in Northern California:ModernPleasuresinaPostmodernWorld(2008).In2004,theSocietyfor Ethnomusicology awarded him the Klaus P. Wachsmann Prize for Advanced and CriticalEssaysinOrganologyforhis2003essay,“TheDiatonicButtonAccordion in Ethnic Context: Idiom and Style in Cajun Dance Music.” joshua horowitz received his M.A. in composition and music theory from the Academy of Music in Graz, Austria, where he taught music theory and served as researchfellowanddirectoroftheKlezmerMusicResearchProjectforeightyears. Horowitz plays tsimbl, nineteenth-century button accordion, and piano. He is the founderanddirectoroftheensembleBudowitzandafoundingmemberofVeretski Pass.HehasperformedwiththeViennaChamberOrchestra,TheodoreBikel,thelate AdrienneCooper,JoelRubin,andBraveOldWorld.Hetaughtadvancedjazztheory atStanfordUniversitywiththelatesaxophonistStanGetzandisaregularteacherat KlezKamp,theAlbuquerqueAcademy,andKlezKanada.Hismusicologicalworkis publishedinTheSephardicSongbook(withAronSaltiel)andTheUltimateKlezmer.In additiontohisworkasamusician,heledthefirstpost–WorldWarIImusictherapy group at the pioneering Beratungszentrum (Counseling Center) in Graz, Austria. sydney hutchinson received her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from New York University and is assistant professor of ethnomusicology at Syracuse University. While a Humboldt Fellow at the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin, she conducted field research that focused on masculinity and movement in competitive air guitar. Hutchinson is the author of From Quebradita Of Duranguense: Dance in Mexican American Youth Culture (2007), as well as articles on topics such as Latin American dance, music and the body, public folklore,salsadancing,andmerenguetípicoinEthnomusicology,JournalofAmerican Folklore, Folklore Forum, the world of music, and Centro: The Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, as well as several edited volumes. She is working on a book on the performance of gender in Dominican merengue típico, and she still plays accordion and yodels in her spare time. marion s. jacobson is an ethnomusicologist, author and freelance writer who has written hundreds of reviews and features of live concerts and events of all the majorworldmusictraditionsfromIndianragastoCajun/ZydecofortheWashington Post, Stereo Review, and dozens of music magazines and blogs. Jacobson earned her PhD in music from New York University in 2003. She began digging for the fossilizedremainsoflostAmericanaccordionculturesinNewYorkCity .Grantsfromthe AmericanPhilosophicalSocietyandtheMellonFoundationallowedhertocontinue excavationsintheaccordioncentersofHouston,SanAntonio,theTwinCities,and theSanFranciscoBayArea,leadingtoSqueezeThis:aCulturalHistoryoftheAccordion (2012), the first comprehensive scholarly book on the piano accordion. Jacobson Contributors has been involved with arts councils and community arts since 1997. She was the first staff folklorist at New York State’s largest arts council, Arts Westchester, staff folklorist at the Staten Island Council on the Arts, and consulting folklorist for the Brooklyn Arts Council, the Bronx Council on the Arts, and CityLore. james p. leary is a professor of folklore and Scandinavian studies at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he also serves as director of the folklore programandisacofounderoftheCenterfortheStudyofUpperMidwesternCultures . A native of northern Wisconsin, he has conducted field research on the traditional music of America’s Upper Midwest since the mid-1970s, resulting in such documentary recordings as Accordions in the Cutover: Field Recordings of EthnicMusicfromLakeSuperior’sSouthShore, AchYa!TraditionalGerman-American MusicfromWisconsin(withPhilipMartin),MinnesotaPolka,MidwestRamblin,’and DownHomeDairyland(withRichardMarch);andinbooksthatincludeYodelingin Dairyland: A History of Swiss Music in Wisconsin (1991), Wisconsin Folklore (1998), andPolkabilly:HowtheGooseIslandRamblersRedefinedAmericanFolkMusic(2006). megwen loveless completed her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology at Harvard University.Herresearchinethnomusicologyfocusesonmusicanddancefromthe NortheastofBrazilaswellasregional/nationalmigrationsandthejuxtapositionof modernityandtraditioninBrazilianpopularmusic.Herworkinsecond-language acquisitionfocusesontheuseofmusicandnewmediainthelanguageclassroom. She teaches in the Spanish and Portuguese department of Princeton University, where she is currently acting...


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