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Contents Introduction 1 helena simonett Chapter 1 From Old World to New Shores 19 helena simonett Chapter 2 Accordion Jokes: A Folklorist’s View 39 richard march Chapter 3 From Chanky-Chank to Yankee Chanks: The Cajun Accordion as Identity Symbol 44 mark f. dewitt Chapter 4 ’Garde ici et ’garde lá-bas: Creole Accordion in Louisiana 66 jared snyder Chapter 5 “Tejano and Proud”: Regional Accordion Traditions of South Texas and the Border Region 87 cathy ragland Chapter 6 Preserving Territory: The Changing Language of the Accordion in Tohono O’odham Waila Music 112 janet l. sturman Chapter 7 Accordions and Working-Class Culture along Lake Superior’s South Shore 136 james p. leary Chapter 8 Play Me a Tarantella, a Polka, or Jazz: Italian Americans and the Currency of Piano-Accordion Music 156 christine f. zinni Chapter 9 The Klezmer Accordion: An Outsider among Outsiders 178 joshua horowitz Chapter 10 Beyond Vallenato: The Accordion Traditions in Colombia 199 egberto bermúdez Chapter 11 “A Hellish Instrument”: The Story of the Tango Bandoneón 233 maría susana azzi Chapter 12 No ma’ se oye el fuinfuán: The Noisy Accordion in the Dominican Republic 249 sydney hutchinson Chapter 13 Between the Folds of Luiz Gonzaga’s Sanfona: Forró Music in Brazil 268 megwen loveless Chapter 14 The Accordion in New Scores: Paradigms of Authorship and Identity in William Schimmel’s Musical “Realities” 295 marion s. jacobson Glossary 315 Contributors 319 Index 323 The Accordion in the Americas ...


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