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Contents Introduction 1 David A. Hollinger Part 1: Academia and the Question of a Common Culture 1 Who’s Afraid of Marcel Proust? The Failure of General Education in the American University 25 John Guillory 2 Demography and Curriculum: The Humanities in American Higher Education from the 1950s through the 1980s 50 Roger L. Geiger 3 The Scholar and the World: Academic Humanists and General Readers in Postwar America 73 Joan Shelley Rubin Part 2: European Movements against the American Grain? 4 The Ambivalent Virtues of Mendacity: How Europeans Taught (Some of ) Us to Learn to Love the Lies of Politics 107 Martin Jay 5 The Place of Value in a Culture of Facts: Truth and Historicism 126 James T. Kloppenberg 6 Philosophy and Inclusion in the United States, 1929–2001 159 Bruce Kuklick Part 3: Social Inclusion 7 Catholics, Catholicism, and the Humanities since World War II 189 John T. McGreevy Contents vi 8 The Black Scholar, the Humanities, and the Politics of Racial Knowledge since 1945 217 Jonathan Scott Holloway 9 Women in the Humanities: Taking Their Place 247 Rosalind Rosenberg Part 4: Area Studies at Home and Abroad 10 Constructing American Studies: Culture, Identity, and the Expansion of the Humanities 273 Leila Zenderland 11 The Ironies of the Iron Curtain: The Cold War and the Rise of Russian Studies 314 David C. Engerman 12 What Is Japan to Us? 345 Andrew E. Barshay 13 Havana and Macondo: The Humanities in U.S. Latin American Studies, 1940–2000 372 Rolena Adorno Acknowledgments 405 Contributors 407 Index 411 The Humanities and the Dynamics of Inclusion since World War II This page intentionally left blank ...


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