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ix Acknowledgments When I think of these words appearing in print I am inclined to pinch myself, not only because clearly I need waking up, but also because a good pinch would remind me how it feels to write a book. All scholarly labor is collective and so was this project. My collective begins with Kirt Wilson, who has been a great adviser and an even better friend. The book also benefited from the advice and insight of my graduate school teachers, especially Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Ed Schiappa, Nate Stormer, and John S. Wright. This project is also indebted to my good friends and colleagues who have read bits of this work and provided feedback and support—namely, Terry Check, Jeremy Engels, Eric Fuchs, Joshua Gunn, Martin Lang, Shane Miller, Christopher Swift, and Steve Thomas. I thank Brian Halley for soliciting the project and gracefully guiding it to completion, and Barbara Folsom and the fine folks at University of Massachusetts Press for improving it along the way. Last, Laurie, Eliza, and Phineas (but especially Laurie), this is your fault. You are the reason I started this and, more important, the reason I finished it. Thank you. Parts of chapters 4 and 5 were previously published in Rhetoric and Public Affairs (Michigan State Press) and are used here with their kind permission: Aric Putnam, “Ethiopia Is Now: J. A. Rogers and the Rhetoric of Black Anti-colonialism during the Great Depression,” Rhetoric and Public Affairs 10.3 (2007): 421–46; and “‘Modern Slaves’: The Liberian Labor Crisis and the Politics of Race and Class.” Rhetoric and Public Affairs 9.2 (2006): 235–56. “This page intentionally left blank” The Insistent Call “This page intentionally left blank” ...


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