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Notes A B B R E V I A T I O N S AHC Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock, Ark. BPL Belleville Public Library,Belleville, 111. BU Baylor University, Waco, Tex. CHS Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, 111. DPL Denver Public Library, Denver, Colo. DU Duke University, Durham, N.C. HL Huntington Library,San Marino, Calif. IHS Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Ind. ISHL Illinois State Historical Library,Springfield, 111. ISL Indiana State Library,Indianapolis, Ind. KSHS Kansas State Historical Society, Tbpeka, Kans. LC Library of Congress, Washington,D.C. LFC Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, 111. MH Minnesota Historical Society, Minneapolis, Minn. MHS Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis,Mo. NARA National Archives and Records Administration, Washington,D.C. NYHS New-York Historical Society, New York,N.Y OR U.S.War Department. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. 70 vols. in 128. Washington, D.C.,1880-1901. All citations of OR refer to series 1, unless indicated otherwise. PRNMP Pea Ridge National Military Park, Pea Ridge,Ark. SHSIDM State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa SHSIIC State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa SHSW State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. SU Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif. TSL Texas State Library,Austin, Tex. TSLA Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tfenn. TU Tulane University, New Orleans, La. UAF University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Fayetteville, Ark. UIC University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, 111. UM University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,Mich. UMC University of Missouri—Columbia, Columbia,Mo. UMR University of Missouri—Rolla, Rolla, Mo. UNC University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, N.C. USAMHI U.S.Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. UT University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Tex. 342 1 1 1 Notes to Pages xiii-11 P R E F A C E 1. Dodge, Address, 40; Crabtree, "Recollections;1 211. C H A P T E R O N E 1.The first five paragraphs are based on Snead, "First Year of the Warin Missouri," 1:269-71; Phillips, Damned Yankee, 129-256; Castel, Sterling Price, 3-65, and "Battle of Pea Ridge"; and Bearss, Wilson's Creek. 2. Thomas to Cameron, Oct. 21, Lincoln to Hunter, Oct. 24, Hunter to Thomas,Nov. 11,1861, OR3:540-49,553-54,569. Fremont intended to drive across southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas and then follow the Arkansas River to the Mississippi, thus outflanking fortified rebel strong points on the Mississippi at Columbus , Island No. 10,and Fort Pillow On paper it seemed a good wayto neutralize Price and open the Mississippi River at the same time, but Fremont failed to consider the difficulty of moving an army across the Ozark Plateau. Schofield, Forty-Six Years, 48-49. 3. Castel, Sterling Price, 60-64; Kirkpatrick, 'Admission of Missouri," 369-79; Jackson to Davis, Nov 5,1861, OR 53:754—55; Ephraim M.Anderson,Memoirs, 111. 4. General Orders No. 1, Nov 19, 1861, OR 8:369; Thorndike, Sherman Letters, 138. 5. McClellan to Halleck and Buell to Halleck, Jan. 3, Lincoln to Halleck,Jan. 1, and Halleck to Lincoln and to Buell, Jan. 6,1862, OR 7:527-29, 926, 532-33, 926. 6. Special Orders No. 92, Dec. 25, 1862, ibid, 8:462. 7. Gallaher, "Curtis," 331-41; Curtis to his brother, Dec. 16, 1861, Curtis Papers, HL. 8. Gallaher, "Curtis" 338-39; Curtis, 'Army of the South-West," 3:218n; Guyer, "Journal and Letters," 215. 9. Curtis, 'Army of the South-West," 4:641; St. Louis Daily Missouri Democrat, Jan. 1, 1862; General Orders No. 1, Dec. 28, 1861, OR 8:473. 10. Hess, "Sigel's Resignation"; Curtis to Halleck, Dec. 29,1861, OR 8:471-72. 11. Colton, "Frontier War Problems;' 308-9; Mar.28, 1862, Noble Diary, SHSIIC. 12. Halleck to McClellan,Dec. 10 and 19, 1861, OR 8:818-19, 448-49. 13.Castel, Sterling Price, 60-64; Halleck to Curtis, Dec. 27,1861, and Jan. 1,1862, Curtis to Carr, Dec. 28, and to Halleck, Dec. 29 and 27, 1861, Jan. 2 and 5, 1862, Special Orders No. 1, Dec. 28, 1861, Carr to Curtis, Jan. 3, and Halleck to McClellan, Jan. 9,1862, OR 8:468-69, 471-75, 480-81, 483-84, 489, 7:540. 14.Halleck to McClellan, Jan. 9,and Halleck to Curtis,Jan. 12,1862, OR 7:540,8:496. 15. Curtis to Halleck and Halleck to Curtis, Jan. 13,Curtis...


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