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GW_ i-xxviii.indd 25 5/2/12 7:31 AM 1732 1743 1752 1753 1754 1755 1758-74 1759 1777 1778 1779-80 PRINCIPAL EVENTS OF ' WASHINGTON S LIFE Washington born February 22, Westmoreland County, Virginia Father, Augustine Washington, dies District adjutant general of Virginia militia, Major; inherits Mount Vernon Envoy from Governor of Virginia to French army on the Ohio Victorious commander in first battle of French and Indian War, Colonel Volunteer aide to British General Braddock; appointed Commander in Chiefof Virginia militia, Colonel Elected to Virginia House of Burgesses Marries Mrs. Martha Dandridge Custis, widow ofJohn Custis (by whom she is mother of two children) Elected to First and Second Continental Congresses General and Commander in Chiefof the Army of the United Colonies; field commander mostly in middle colonies Commands in victory at Boston Fortifies New York city, loses battle of Long Island, evacuates New York, eventually retreats to New Jersey and across Delaware River to Pennsylvania; recrosses for victory at Trenton Commander in victory at Princeton; retreats after battles of Brandywine, Germantown; winter at Valley Forge Commander in victory at Monmouth; winter at Middlebrook British shift war to the south; Washington plans with French allies, skirmishes with British in middle colonies Abandons plan against New York, conceives and commands victorious Yorktown campaign Resigns commission to Congress, retires to Mount Vernon Hosts interstate conference on Potomac navigation, promotes further conferences on trade, taxes XXV GW_ i-xxviii.indd 26 5/2/12 7:31 AM 1790 1791 1792 1793 1794 1799 1802 ~ Principal Events ofWashington's Life :>a> Elected President of Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia First President of the United States Unanimous vote by electoral college; Inauguration; appoints cabinet; tours New England (except Rhode Island) Policies as to defense, finance, and foreign affairs; visits Rhode Island Plans Washington, D.C., with L'Enfant; tours southern states First of rwo vetoes (apportionment of House); unanimous choice of electoral college for President Second Inauguration; Neutrality Proclamation; requests recall of French ambassador Genet; Jefferson resigns as Secretary of State to lead opposition party Appoints John Jay special ambassador to Britain; suppresses Whiskey Rebellion; Hamilton resigns as Secretary of the Treasury Submits Jay Treaty to Senate for ratification Rejects House request for Jay Treaty documents; refuses third term, issues Farewell Address Attends Inauguration of President Adams; retires to Mount Vernon At Adams's insistence, appointed Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief as war threatens with France Dies ofsevere cold, December 14; buried in family vault at Mount Vernon, December 18 Martha Washington dies and is buried in family vault at Mount Vernon XXVI ...


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