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GW_ i-xxviii.indd 7 5/2/12 7:31 AM CONTENTS Foreword Table of Maps Principal Events of Washington's Life Note on this Edition THE LIFE OF GEORGE WASHINGTON XI XXIll XXV XXVII Part One: Commander in Chiefof the Revolution I. "The Favorite Soldier of Virginia": Early Years; the French and Indian War (1732 to 1759) 3 2. "The Soldier ofAmerica"; Victory at Boston (September 1774 to April 1776) 22 3· War in Canada and the Norrh (June 1775 to November 1776) 31 4· War in the South; the Declaration of Independence (November 1775 to July 1776) 41 5· Defeat and the Restoration of "Native Courage": Command in New York (June to September 1776) 51 6. "Unyielding Firmness": Retreat and Attack in New York and New Jersey (October 1776 to January 1777) 67 7· The Army and Independence Maintained (January to July 1777) 83 8. Battle and a Wise Determination to Avoid Battle: The Struggle for Philadelphia (July to September 1777) 92 Vll GW_ i-xxviii.indd 8 5/2/12 7:31 AM ~ Contents:>&9 · A Stubborn Contest in the Middle Colonies (September to December I777) roo IO. Defeat, then Victory, in the North: Ticonderoga, Bennington, Saratoga (November I775 to November I777) II5 II. "The Character of Washington": Preserving Army and Command at Valley Forge (December I777 to May I778) I3I 12. "On His Own Responsibility": A New Army at Monmouth (March to June I778) 148 13. "Temperate Measures": Disappointment with the French, Stalemate with the British (July to December I778) I57 I4. Diplomacy; Frontier Attacks; Congress's Grand Plan (June I778 to February I779) 165 I5. The British Shift the Front: War in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia (November I778 to June 1779) 173 I6. Near-Mutinies and Calming Influence; Skirmishes; the Allies Fail at Savannah (May to December 1779) r8o I7. Disasters and Misjudgments in South Carolina (January to August I78o) I94 I8. Governing Without Teeth: Mutiny; Failures ofSupply; a French Force Stalls (January to September I780) 207 19. Arnold's Treason; Faction and Army Policy in Congress (August to December q8o) 219 20. ''Abilities, Fortitude, and Integrity": Greene and His Lieutenants in the South (August 1780 to April I781) 228 21. Mutiny Parried and Quelled; the "Miserably Defective" Structure of Congress; Lafayette Checks Cornwallis (November I78o to July q81) 244 22. "The Total Incompetency of the Political System"; Victory at Yorktown (May to December 1781) 257 23. The Deep South Regained; the Prudence ofGreene (April I78I to January 1782) 27I Vlll GW_ i-xxviii.indd 9 5/2/12 7:31 AM ~ Contents *' 24. Peace; Pacifying the Army; the "Virtuous Moderation" to Bid Farewell (December 1781 to December 1783) 285 Part Two: Father and President of the New Republic 25. Private Statesmanship: Agriculture, Improvements, Union (1783 to 1785) 301 26. Political Imbecility; Constituting a Government (1784 to 1789) 313 2 7· Conciliating the Public: Election, Inauguration, and First Appointments (1789) 327 28. Defense, Finance, Foreign Affairs-and the First "Systematic Opposition" (1790 to 1791) 343 29. Democratic Rebellion; Indian War; the French Model (March 1791 to March 1793) 357 30. Reelection; Furor over Neutrality; the Extraordinary Citizen Genet (November 1792 to December 1793) 378 31. "The Path of Duty": Averting War, Maintaining Independence (December 1793 to June 1794) 397 32. Executive Vigor Confronts War, Rebellion, and Treaty-making (January 1794 to June 1796) 410 Part 7hree: The First ofAmericans 33· Last Farewell; Final Duty; Legacy and Character (1796 to 1799) 443 Appendix A: Note on Further Reading and Editorial Sources 471 Appendix B: Important Writings of Washington 475 Index 501 lX GW_ i-xxviii.indd 10 5/2/12 7:31 AM This page intentionally left blank. ...


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