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TABLE OF CONTENTS Graphics Credits Tribute to Renée Miller Klosterman Power FOREWORD Looking Ahead – Billy Frank, Jr. (Nisqually), Chair, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission INTRODUCTION – Alan Parker (Chippewa-Cree), The Evergreen State College, NIARI Director Zoltán Grossman, The Evergreen State College, NIARI Senior Research Associate PART I CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES Land Grab on a Global Scale – Dennis Martinez, Founder and Co-chairman of the Indigenous Peoples’ Restoration Network of the Society for Ecological Restoration International Indigenous Declarations on the Climate Crisis – Anchorage Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Global Summit on Climate Change – International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change Policy Paper – Mystic Lake Declaration of Native Peoples/Native Homelands II Workshop 2009 – Native Peoples/Native Homelands 1998 North American Indigenous Concerns Alaska: Testimony from the Front Lines – Mike Williams (Yupiaq), Co-chair of the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council Sharing One Skin – Jeannette Armstrong (Okanagan Syilx), En’owkin Centre Executive Director, Penticton, British Columbia Where Words Touch the Earth: Tribal Students Produce a Climate Change Video on the Coast Salish Moons – Greg Mahle (Upper Skagit) and Lexie Tom (Lummi), Northwest Indian College, Lummi Nation Watching for the Signs – Chief Willie Charlie, Vice President of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs; Chehalis (Sts’Ailes) First Nation Chief Diἀerent Ways of Looking at Things – Larry Merculieἀ (Aleut), Seven Generations Consulting, Pribilof Islands, Alaska PART II EFFECTS OF THE CLIMATE CRISIS Climate Threats to Pacific Northwest Tribes and the Great Ecological Removal: Keeping Traditions Alive – Terry Williams (Tulalip) and Preston Hardison, Tulalip Tribes natural resources staff Climate Change in the Quileute and Hoh Nations of Coastal Washington – Chelsie Papiez, The Evergreen State College; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fellow 53 a 32 a 40 a 8 a 13 a 68 a 34 a 43 a 9 a 23 a 26 a 37 a 46 a 10 a 24 a 29 a TABLE OF CONTENTS Maori Perspectives on Climate Change – Ata Brett Stephenson (Maori), Retired Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the Maori University Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi Impacts of Global Climate Change – Bradford Burnham, The Evergreen State College Eἀects of Climate Change on Women’s and Children’s Health – Debra McNutt, The Evergreen State College, for the Community Alliance and Peacemaking Project PART III CURRENT RESPONSES Indigenous Responses to the International Climate Change Framework – Zoltán Grossman, The Evergreen State College On Our Own: Adapting to Climate Change – Rudolph C. Rÿser, Chair, Center for World Indigenous Studies Swinomish Climate Change Initiative Pulling Together: Honorable Community Engagement – Shelly Vendiola (Swinomish/Lummi/Filipina), Swinomish Climate Change Initiative’s Climate Change Education and Awareness Group Native Renewable Energy – Groups Press for Tribe-Friendly Renewable Energy Policies – A Methane to Their Madness: Tribes and Farmers Come Together—Over Cow Manure – Finding Common Ground: Qualco Biogas Project Brings Together Farmers, Natives while Helping the Salmon PART IV POSSIBLE PATHS Kaua e mangere—Do Not Be Idle: Maori Responses in a Time of Climate Change – Ata Brett Stephenson (Maori), Retired Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the Maori University Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi Potential Paths for Native Nations – Laural Ballew (Swinomish) and Renée Klosterman, The Evergreen State College No Longer the “Miner’s Canary”: Indigenous Nations’ Responses to Climate Change – Zoltán Grossman, The Evergreen State College Recommendations to Native Government Leadership – Alan Parker (Chippewa-Cree), The Evergreen State College, NIARI Director PART V NATIVE CLIMATE CHANGE RESOURCES / CONTRIBUTORS’ BIOGRAPHIES Native Climate Change Resources – Jamie Bown, The Evergreen State College, NIARI Research Associate, and Zoltán Grossman, The Evergreen State College Northwest Tribes: Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change – Edited by Debra McNutt, NIARI Research Associate Contributors’ Biographies INDEX 161 a 189 a 125 a 154 a 225 a 167 a 194 a 133 a 155 a 230 a 102 a 175 a 208 a 145 a 157 a 109 a 89 a 97 a ...


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