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Contents Preface ix Abbreviations xv 1 The Ideal Number of Nuclear Weapons States Is One Nuclear Nonproliferation and the Quest for American Atomic Supremacy 1 2 Too Stupid Even for the Funny Papers The Myth of the American Atomic Monopoly, 1939–1945 11 3 Winning Weapons A-Bombs, H-Bombs, and International Control, 1946–1953 47 4 The President in the Gray Flannel Suit Conformity, Technological Utopianism, and Nonproliferation, 1953–1956 81 5 Seeking a Silver Bullet Nonproliferation, the Test Ban, and Nuclear Sharing, 1957–1960 115 6 Tests and Toughness JFK’s False Start on the Proliferation Question, 1961–1962 145 7 Too Big to Spank JFK, Nuclear Hegemony, and the Limited Test Ban Treaty, 1962–1963 181 8 Hunting for Easter Eggs LBJ, NATO, and Nonproliferation, 1963–1965 217 9 A Treaty to Castrate the Impotent Codifying Nuclear Apartheid, 1965–1970 251 10 The Legacy of Nuclear Apartheid 285 Notes 301 Bibliography 349 Index 367 ...


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