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75 Photo Credits Photos of sculptures in Philadelphia were taken by Jena Osman. Photo of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s “Wave” by Philip Hunter and photo of Finlay’s “Man with Panzerschreck” by Antonia Reeve. Both used with the permission of the Estate of Ian Hamilton Finlay and the photographers . Photo of Zouave soldier, courtesy of the National Park Service. Use of the Max Becherer photo granted by Polaris. The caption for this photo on Becherer’s website ( ) is quite different from that written by the New York Times: U.S. soldiers, with the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, Bravo Company, question a man charged with being part of a mortar and improvised explosive device team in the Islah Zeral neighborhood of Mosul. U.S. and Iraqi Army forces raided his home and detained four other men after receiving a tip from Iraqi Army intelligence. The soldiers hoped that the detained men would lead them to their mortars but they did not. The men were taken into Iraqi Army custody and then later released to U.S. custody. One of the men detained was a Master Sergeant in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard, trained as a mortar man. A Mosul police station, called Four West, had received forty to fifty well-targeted rounds in the last few months by this team of men. Photos of U.S. soldiers are considered fair use and were taken from the U.S. Army public-relations website in 2005: search/images. The website asks that photographers be credited. ...


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