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Acknowledgments Kate is writing her share of these acknowledgments at her father’s house, to which she has fled from Hurricane Katrina. She would like to thank her father, James R. Hodges, and her son, Cole Adams, who both went with her to Washington to do research on this book and who are both fine companions to her now. She would like to also thank her sister and brother-in-law, Laura Hodges and Michael Rouse, for housing her during this storm and getting this manuscript to the press. Funding from her William and Audrey Hutchinson Professorship enabled her to spend the month in Washington; a fall sabbatical granted by Loyola University New Orleans enabled her to work with Mike on a first draft. She wishes to thank her chair, Mary McCay, as well as the interlibrary loan librarian at Loyola, Pat Doran, and reference librarian, Jim Hobbs, for their kind assistance. She would also like to thank Mary Sue Morrow of the University of Cincinnati, Erin O’Donnell of the University of Southern Mississippi, Leslie Parr of Loyola, and Bob Cleaver of Moorestown, New Jersey, for their knowledgeable contributions, although certainly all errors are the authors’ own. Mike joins Kate in thanking these contributors and would like to add to the list the reference department at the University of Tennessee library and the John C. Hodges Better English Fund. ...


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