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Contents Acknowledgments xi A Note on Names xv introduction Indigeneity, Resources, and the Limitations of a Social Movement State 1 part i History of Resource Struggles in Bolivia 1 Sediments of History Resources, Rights, and Indigenous Politics 17 2 The Making of a Movement in Santa Cruz Uneven Regional Agrarian Development in Obispo Santiesteban and Ichilo 45 part ii Manufacturing Identity and Territorializing Rights 3 Ayllu Democracy Indigenous Law and Collective Governance as Territorial Protection 79 4 Agrarian Citizenship Alternative Models of Production and Food Sovereignty 104 part iii Symbolic Citizenship and New Forms of Statehood 5 Mobile “Indigenous” Citizenship Marching for a New Agrarian Reform Law 133 6 A Social Movement State Indigeneity in Morales’s Bolivia and a Compromised Constitution 158 conclusion Revisiting Indigeneity in Resource Politics and the Battles That Lie Ahead 183 Notes 203 Bibliography 223 Index 239 This page intentionally left blank Maps and Figures maps 1 The City of Santa Cruz, illustrating concentric ring roads and key communities 18 2 Bolivia, showing its nine departments and significant resources 23 3 The Department of Santa Cruz and its rural provinces, showing key locations 46 figures 1 Anti-indigenous graffiti, “Passports for Collas” 50 2 mst–Tierra Prometida community meeting to discuss agroecology 95 3 mst swearing-in ceremony in Tierra Firme 105 4 Collective production of hot chile peppers in Gran Chaco 122 5 mst marching in columnas during the Fifth National March for Land and Territory 134 6 Protestors arriving in the Plaza 14 de Septiembre 135 7 Graffiti, “Marches and Roadblocks Are Forms of Nonviolent Struggle” 137 8 Tupac Katari poster hanging behind President Morales 159 9 Anti–Evo Morales T-shirt 170 10 Camba youth holding flags of Santa Cruz 171 This page intentionally left blank ...


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